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Fans of The Legend of Korra are most likely still coming down from the incredible high that was Book 3's finale, Venom of the Red Lotus, which premiered only weeks ago...

But the animated hits just won't stop!

Where previous years have seen only one season airing at a time, we’ve learned that Book 4: Balance will premiere on Nickelodeon’s website as early as OCTOBER!

(Yep, as in this year!)

But don't take my word for it! Here are Book 4's creators, giving us exactly what we've been waiting for:

Wow... That's fast.

Season 3 of Korra totally restored my faith in this show. It does seem a litre strange that Season 4 is coming out so soon. But perhaps Nickelodeon just want to get it out there so they can quickly put all seasons out on Netflix, where it will find its audience.


Do you think Book 4, Balance, will still be good quality?

(Source: io9)


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