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In today's least surprising news, it's been revealed that people go absolutely bats**t crazy when Johnny Depp tosses them to the curb.

A new book about the life of British supermodel Kate Moss has revealed the severe downward spiral that the fashion icon fell into when Depp dumped her after a 3 year relationship.

According to biographer, Maureen Callahan, Depp and Moss met in 1994 At Café Tabac in New York's East Village and instantly clicked due to their hedonistic appetites. She explained that;

Both had ravenous appetites for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex. Kate was the accidental supermodel, Depp the punk-rock Beat poet who just happened to become a movie star. Kate and Johnny were the chicest, druggiest couple since Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg

Despite both of the young rebels sharing a similar passion for narcotics during their years together, Depp eventually dumped Moss because her party lifestyle was too out of control for him to handle.

As you might expect from someone who is shovelling cocaine up their nostrils every 30 seconds, Kate did not respond well to the news. According to a friend of the model;

Johnny broke her heart. She went mad. She was spinning out of control on drugs - heroin and booze. She just wouldn't stop with the drugs and the drinking

The model is also reported to have indulged in promiscuous sexual behavior with other celebrities in the drug addled 'Primose Hill' set including having a threesome Jude Law and Sadie Frost.

According to Callahan, it took Moss years to get over her heartache for Depp and this is what caused the most destructive period in her life.

To be fair though, it does almost seem like a reasonable reaction. Have you guys seen young Johnny Depp?!


Do you think Kate Moss might have overreacted a little bit?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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