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Beyoncé and Jay-Z might of refused to attend the Kimye wedding, but that doesn't mean that they're above dropping into a mere mortals big day!

An Italian bride got just about the best wedding crashers imaginable when Bey and Jay attempted to visit a local church in Portofino and realized there was a wedding inside.

Instead of sheepishly fleeing the scene, Beyoncé posed for some wedding snaps with the flabbergasted bride - and something tells me she might oust the groom to have pride of place on this new couples mantle piece!

Although the lucky bride and groom is question haven't been reached by the press, I think it's safe to say that the bride's beaming grin says it all about how they felt to have unexpected A-list guests.

Beyoncé somehow managed to avoid upstaging the bride by arriving in a casual bikini and sarong ensemble. The pop superstar also kindly wore her hat back to front to make her seem like less of an infallible goddess.


If Beyoncé crashed my wedding, I would be...

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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