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There are many movies that revolve around terrible curses: Chucky, The Ring, Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity, just to name a few.

But while fictional curses are pretty creepy, they're nothing compared to the real-life curses throughout history that have been too complex, too dark and too hushed-up to base a movie on.

Here are SIX of the scariest completely true curses that will leave you feeling chilled to the bone!


1) James Dean's Car

Dean's 1955 Porsche Spyder didn't just kill him, it continued wreaking havoc long after his death, leaving a catalogue of incidents that read like the plot of a Final Destination movie.

The car he called "Little Bastard"
The car he called "Little Bastard"

First of all, the car fell on one of the mechanics who was fixing it after Dean's accident, crushing his legs. The next owner sold the engine and drivetrain to two racers; one ended up bent round a tree, while the other sustained critical injuries in the same race.

Then, when the car was supposed to go on show as part of a road safety exhibition in 1959, it caught fire while in temporary storage. The cause was never determined, and nothing else in the garage was damaged. Finally, in 1960, while it was being transported from Florida to Los Angeles, the car mysteriously disappeared from its secure trailer. It's been missing ever since.

(Source: io9)

2) The 27 Club

The so-called "27 Club" is the name given to the inexplicable phenomenon of famous musicians dropping dead at 27, usually of drug abuse. The number currently stands at 50.

The story started with the death of composer Andre Levy all the way back in 1892, and since that time musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Robert Johnson have all fallen foul of the curse.

When British soul legend Amy Winehouse joined the club in 2011, it was reported that she'd joked about not wanting to die at 27. She died of alcohol poisoning a few months shy of her 28th birthday.

So why does it happen? Nobody knows. A study by the British Medical Journal found no identifiable connection between the victims of the curse. All we know is, it's creepy as hell.

(Source: Rolling Stone)

3) The Hungarian Suicide Song

Hungarian Holocaust survivor and composer Rezső Seress wrote "Gloomy Sunday" in 1933, and it's since been dubbed the "Hungarian Suicide Song" because at least 19 reported suicides in the 1930s supposedly had some connection to the song.

Billie Holiday - killer?
Billie Holiday - killer?

In 1941, Billie Holiday recorded a version which brought "Gloomy Sunday" to further prominence in the West. The BBC promptly banned it from being broadcast over fears of lowering wartime morale, although it did allow instrumental versions to be played.

Seress jumped out of a window in 1968, and when that failed to kill him, he choked himself with a wire in hospital. The BBC only lifted the broadcast ban in 2002. Listen to it at your peril!

(Source: io9)

4) The Curse of The Nepalese Royal Family

In 2001, Nepalese Crown Prince Dipendra killed his parents and seven other members of the royal family before shooting himself.

Prince Dipendra
Prince Dipendra

He fell into a coma, during which time he was declared king before finally passing away. His uncle Gyanendra came to the throne, and led an unhappy rule before the monarchy was abolished in favour of democratic rule in 2008.

These events had been predicted 200 years earlier, when according a legend the first king of Nepal was cursed by a pissed off yogi called Gorakhnath, who declared that the royal family's rule would end after the 10th generation. As foretold, Dipendra (10th generation) and Gyanendra (9th generation) became the last kings of Nepal.

(Source: Listverse)

5) The Hope Diamond

Known as "the most famous diamond in the world", the story of the Hope Diamond reads like something straight out of Indiana Jones.

The Hope Diamond
The Hope Diamond

Stolen from an Indian temple and sold to the French King Louis XIV, it was worn by Marie Antoinette and Princess de Lamballie, who were both sent to the guillotine.

Since then, almost every owner of the diamond has met a sticky end. Its last private owner Evalyn Walsh McLean had a trail of misfortunes; her son died in a car accident, her husband left her and died in a sanitarium, her daughter died of an overdose and she herself died bankrupt and suffering from pneumonia. The diamond now belongs to The Smithsonian Museum.

(Source: Mental Floss)

6) The Kennedy Curse

The prominent Kennedy political dynasty is pretty tragic. And while reams of film have been dedicated to the famous family, their curse has yet to receive proper attention.

(L-R) John, Robert and Ted
(L-R) John, Robert and Ted

After president John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, his brother Robert followed suit in 1968. Their third brother Ted Kennedy survived a plane crash only to drive off a bridge in 1969, killing his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne and ending his presidential prospects.

But that wasn't all: Robert Kennedy's son David died of an overdose, and his other son Michael died in a skiing accident. John F. Kennedy, Jr. died in a plane crash with his wife and sister, and in 2010 the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hung herself.

(Source: ViralNova)


All of these stories are both sad + scary....let's hope their curses are at an end.


Which curse most deserves a movie?


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