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Jared Allman, who will play Dr. Martin Wells in the upcoming apocalyptic zombie film, Test Group, shared with me some of his thoughts and experiences as he worked on Test Group and other projects.

As a southern actor, Allman is passionate about showing Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry how much talent can be found in the south. "There really is a lot of talent, not just actors, but directors, writers, and film makers, in the south. The industry is beginning to see this as the southern artists put out more and more quality work."

When it comes to Test Group, currently filming in and around Atlanta, Allman hopes audiences will "fall in love with the characters," and be able to, "get past the zombies and the killing to get to the underlying social messages of the story."

Allman as Dr. Martin Wells
Allman as Dr. Martin Wells

"I'm excited that a lot of people will get to see Test Group," Allman says, referring to the expected wide release of the film in 2015.

Allman, who came across the casting call for Test Group via a modeling website called Model Mayhem, has found the project exciting and enjoyable. "It's been refreshing to work with people who are so passionate," Allman says.

In between trips to Atlanta to shoot Test Group, Allman has been keeping busy and working on other projects. He recently worked on another horror film with Eric Roberts.

"I got to do some stunts and other things I never really got to do before," Allman recalls.

He has also worked on the pilot episode for a show called The Background. "The show is about the people who work in the background of a film site. The shenanigans they get up to and how they all want to be stars," says Allman.

Jared Allman
Jared Allman

Allman likes to keep busy so he can continue to work on his craft. "I want to continue to grow as an artist," he says. "That's what it's about for me."

You can find Allman online on his website, follow him on Instagram (jaredallman), Twitter, Tumblr, and Whosay, like him on Facebook, or see his IMDB profile. Test Group is currently in production and is expected to be released in September 2015. More information on the Test Group can be found here.

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