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Ah, children! Such sweet, innocent bundles of pure unadulterated terror.

Whether they are talking to their imaginary 'friends' or pouring their creepy little psyches out onto a piece of paper, kids really mean business when it come to unintentionally scaring the s**t out of us.

I have no idea what the kids that did these drawings are going to grow up to be, but I think we should all be very, very frightened about the future...

Zombie Yoga

It's almost impossible to look at this drawing and not imagine this malformed creature scuttling about with terrifying dexterity.

I have no idea which way this beast's head is face, and I'm pretty sure either answer is just as terrifying...

Future Profession: Poltergeist pilates instructor

Fear Factor: 6/10 - It's so close to being anatomically correct, and yet so frighteningly far...


Leprechaun Bloodlust

Clearly Jack McGovern is a nice sensible young lad.

Leprechauns are as creepy as hell, what else would you do with one of the tricksy Irish beasts?

Future Profession: Pest controller

Fear Factor: 1/10 - He's protecting us, okay?!


Surreal-ial Killer

Would you rather be bludgeoned to death by brass knobs by a homicidal door or erased forever by a murderous pencil?

Future Profession: Mad man

Fear Factor: 8/10 - It might seem innocent right now, but in ten years time this guy will be building these bloodthirsty creations in his shed.


Imaginary Freak

Apparently this drawing is the result of asking a little girl to draw her imaginary friend...

I don't think she's a very good judge of character to be honest.

Future Profession: Medium

Fear Factor: 7/10 - Of all the things this girl could dream up to talk to, she chose this.


Tomb Raider

Well, that's nice and reassuring Graham, cheers for that insight into the afterlife!

Future Profession: Grave digger

Fear Factor: 2/10 - You've got to hand it to Graham's no nonsense approach.



The demented grinning mouse inexplicably growing out of a leg might disturb you, but trust me that's the least of your worries...

I would be more concerned about the brutal pen stabbing action that centres around that benign smiling face. Anything could provoke this tiny lunatic!

Future Profession: Hit man

Fear Factor: 8/10 - Red pen stabs and demented mouse grins are never good news. Never.


Thugs and Drugs

What's that you're drawing there, honey? Oh, a blindfolded meth addict speeding into a petrified little girl running for her life, how lovely!

Future Profession: Drugs counsellor

Fear Factor: 5/10 - This kid might be a 'lunitic', but at least they won't end up on bath salts.


Towering Terrors

What's a crazy big tower without it's very own 'suiside door'?

It was totally the selling point that made 'maniac man' snap up this piece of real estate!

Future Profession: Total Wipeout USA course designer

Fear Factor: 9/10 - This picture contains the words victims, suicide, maniac and crazy. It can't bode well!


My Little Loony

I don't want to hang around to see the monster this beast is going to give birth to when it slips on that banana...

Future Profession: Maniac

Fear Factor: 4/10 - I'm sure they had good intentions...


Psycho Psychic

Alex, I urge you to move to a town far far away where the concept of the bicycle is yet unknown. It's your only hope!

Future Profession: Insurance claims

Fear Factor: 7/10 - This is basically a death threat with more horrifying drawings of bicycles.


Open Heart Butchery

This kid doesn't take any s**t from the monsters in the closet. He casually vivisects them instead.

Future Profession: Surgeon

Fear Factor: 5/10 - They are at least desecrating the corpses of the bad guys, which is something, I guess.


Flesh Eating... Everything

Ah it's just your typical outdoor scene! People are playing together, BBQs are merrily grilling in the summer sun... And everyone is eating everyone else. Including George W. Bush.

Welcome to Cannibalistic Hill, guys!

Future Profession: Hannibal Lecter

Fear Factor: 10/10 - It's just a drawing of people serving up steaming platters of mutilated body parts, nothing to see here!

As a bonus feature, an artist friend of this imaginative 12-year-old redrew the picture to illustrate the true horror. Thanks, Devin Clark!


Which demented kids drawing sends you the most warning signs?

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