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A list of horror comics/graphic novels that can bring something fresh to the big screen.


Follow the story of Jackson T. Winters a world renowned thief that might've bitten off more than he could chew. In his last attempt at theft it led to his capture, sent him to prison and the ghastly murder of his teammates. Luckily for him, he's released out of prison thanks to a very wealthy man that needs him to steal something, again (irony at it's finest). Jackson accepts the job under one condition, that he's allowed to assemble his own team of thieves.... Did I mention that the man wants Jackson and his team to steal a ghost?

Then to make things worse, it's rumored that the ghost lives in a haunted house which was known as a kill-house for multiple cult murders!


Swamp Thing

We need GOOD monster movies again! What Scott Snyder has done for DC Comics with Swamp Thing in the New 52 is simply amazing. If you don't who Swamp Thing is it's about scientist Alec Holland who was synthesizing top secret chemicals in his hidden labratory within the marshlands of Louisiana. This would lead to a catastrophic explosion due to a bomb setting off in his office. Having Alec come running out of his lab caught on fire and falling straight into a mucked-filled swamp he is presumed dead. But, wait! A green large humanoid-plant creature emerges from the swamp...

Could it be Alec Holland lurking in the shadows?


The Other Dead

"Two words: Zombie. Animals. "The Other Dead" is the world's first zombie animal epic, exploring what happens when the animal kingdom is turned into a horde of flesh-eating monsters." - Writer, Joshua Ortega.

I'm sold!

The plot is very point A to B it's not a very complex storyline, but it grabs your attention with the monsters and characters. We're talking about a mysterious infection that doesn't harm humans, but turns ALL animals into ravenous, cold-blooded killers. Not only that, there's a horrendous hurricane on its way to hit Louisiana and it's far worse than Katrina!

Holy Sh*t!
Holy Sh*t!

On top of all that you have a diverse/interesting group of characters from - Tommy Romero, a 10-year old cancer survivor that's struggling whether to believe in faith or a higher being. Azrael, Tommy's older brother and a member of a Black Metal band called 'Decapitated'. Justina Abelinda Cortez, Azrael's girlfriend an exotic dancer and Puerto Rican bruja "witch". Chet Wayne, an ex-Army Ranger that's a racist and he's been preparing for the apocalypse for years. Then one of the most important characters in this story - President Barack Obama, who ends up stuck in the eye of the storm while actually fighting against this zombie outbreak as well!


Ten Grand

A horror story that doesn't focus on drunk teenagers or the innocent virgin. Our story takes us to main character Joe Fitzgerald a fearless mob enforcer that must take a journey into the world of demonology and the ancient powers. These very same powers threaten to tear down Heaven itself to start a new war between the light and darkness. Will a man die a thousand times so he can be with his love for five minutes in-between saving lives of the entire world? We'll just have to wait and find out.



Ferals might be the werewolf movie we need since it's starting to seem like this genre is becoming over saturated with B-rated movies and Teen Wolf (damn you to hell Teen Wolf!). I think the issue with today's werewolf franchise is that so many directors/writers believe if you just have a giant wolf going around killing because it's a misunderstood creature that needs love that makes it a great movie. When a filmmaker can do much more with this mythological creature, but when will see more great werewolf movies?

This comic is a refreshing take on the werewolf franchise with in-depth and developed characters, good plot and well detailed gore scenes of the werewolf's victims. In Ferals we read about Dale Chesnutt a lawman of a small town that's on an investigation of the brutal murder of his best friend. As the investigation continues Dale starts to notice that everyone around him starts to end up dead including the woman he had sexual encounters with the night before. This leads to Dale's arrest to be pulled in for questioning.

Later that evening the police department is attacked by a werewolf that brutally slaughters the entire police force. It attacks Dale, but he barely escapes the jaws of the ferocious beast! Sadly, it's too late for Dale Chesnutt as his body begins to transform and he becomes the nightmare he's been hunting.


God is Dead

Imagine in 2015 that Zeus the Ruler of Olympus and the god of thunder arrived in Vatican City. Then claims that Earth is his domain, then more gods and goddesses appear within months all claiming the Earth as their domain. This begins with a giant war between immortal beings as they divide the Earth into different territories.

What I love so much about this idea as a movie is that we get to see all of the most popular gods and goddesses from all around the world just wreck havoc on Earth! It's a wild journey seeing how humans survive during the "Second Coming".

Also, someone blows off God's head.... That escalated quickly.



Out of my entire list of horror comic books I think this is the one that makes me kinda nervous to see made into a movie. It's not about finding the right director to film this movie, but is this too "raw" for a theatrical release? I even considered television, then I realized they might try to water-it-down to something similar to The Walking Dead. If this book was ever turned into a movie I think it would be rated NC-17, no joke. Crossed is a very unapologetic comic book series that constantly push the boundaries like no other comic book with its over-the-top violence.

The story is about a plague that causes a strange rash on the victims face that's shaped like a cross. Once you're infected, it causes you to carry out your most evil thoughts. The crossed infection is carried through bodily fluid and it's probably one of the most gruesome ways to get infected. This involves being raped or being bitten by a Crossed if you live long enough because more than likely they'll kill you. What makes Crossed such a brilliant take on the zombie/infected horror genre is that the infected still carry a basic human - level of intelligence to use guns (other various weapons, including the bow and arrow), driving (cars, motorcycles boats and planes), tools, creating and setting complex traps.

Instead of being mindless, slow moving undead corpses they turn into homicidal-violent psychopaths that enjoy raping, pillaging, incest, cannibalism, maiming for fun, and killing everything in sight (including children and infants)! It keeps getting worse because the majority of the human population are "Crossed". This comic is not for the faint of heart.

Warning: Dolphin rape scene, what the f**k? Not Flipper!



Think of The X-Files meets Cthulhu with homicidal-sex orgy cults and fishmen. All you need to know after that is Alan Moore wrote the book.


In the comments section below list a horror book you would like to see adapted to film. Thanks for reading..


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