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It's so hard to believe it has been 24 years since CBS first premiered The Flash, starring John Wesley Shipp. Yet, now there is a new take on the DC Comics Scarlet Speedster, and in it, John Wesley Shipp plays Henry Allen, Barry Allen's dad. Does this perhaps mean more actors from the 90's television show may be showing up as the new version, airing this October on CTV and The CW, as time moves on? Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, in a recent interview with Flash TV News, answers that question once and for all...

“We want to bring on everybody from the original show,” Kreisberg said. “For us, that show was a triumphant success, and we loved it as teenagers, and to get to do this now is just beyond our wildest dreams.”

“When we first sat down, one of our first ideas was that we had to have John Wesley Shipp on the show. Greg [Berlanti] had work with him on Dawson’s Creek; he played Dawson’s dad,” Andrew admitted. Getting Shipp on the show also meant the actor finally got some long-deserved recognition for the show, as things like Comic-Con weren’t as big for media outside of comics back in 1990. “To be able to take John, and bring him to Comic-Con, and really give him great stuff to play, and then hopefully to drive people to look at the old show… we’re really excited about that,” Kreisberg said.

So, if this is indeed the case, and more classic actors are set to join the cast of [The Flash](movie:15273), who would you like to see return? Mark Hamill? Paula Marshall? Michael Champion? Sky is the limit it seems!

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th! (Source: Flash TV News)

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