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Marvel was really generous with us, guys! They released a hilariously amusing gag-reel from Captain America: The Winter Soldier just for us. That's right, just for you, and you, and definitely you there in the Avengers shirt!

Let's have some fun with the world's greatest heroes, shall we?

Good to know the actors behind the capes are as awesome as the personalities of the rockstar team themselves. One certainly has no trouble seeing why the casting was a huge role in the success of the movie. They really are the friends they play on screen, and work as a definitive unit. You can tell that they are really enjoying themselves and, even better, each other.

I always love the behind-the-scenes happenings of my favorite movies or shows. I forget that actual people are portraying the character and get sucked into the actor's identity being the one that they are playing on the screen, and this clip doesn't pull me out of that at all. They all interact with one another candidly like you'd want the characters they are playing to be doing so when they aren't in the storyline.

The chemistry displayed here is exactly why Marvel is killing it at the box office! They have assembled the right people to work together just like Nick Fury does with The Avengers. It's very parallel. I'm excited to see a cast who play in such seriously daunting roles on screen call 'cut!' and be silly off screen.

I got to say, it looks like my ideal work environment.

[Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) is out on DVD now, and if we're going to be able to see more snippets like this from Marvel then I suggest you high-tail your fanny straight to your local retailer to pick it up!



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