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The last time show business living-legend, gay-icon, and perpetual farewell concert-giver Barbara Streisand appeared on The Tonight Show she was 21-years old and looked as she does in the photo above. The year was 1963. Then Streisand was known primarily as a NY supper club singer, had just finished a run in the Broadway musical, I Can Get it For you Wholesale, and was poised to open in Funny Girl, the landmark Broadway musical that would make her an international star.

On March 1963 she appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to promote her eponymous debut LP, The Barbra Streisand Album. Notoriously plagued with stage-fright when appearing before live audiences (in unscripted circumstances, one would assume) Barbra Streisand's late night talk show debut was also her swan song.

All that changes on Monday, September 15th.

NBC has announced that Barbra Streisand will appear on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in a special edition of the show on Monday, September 15th, 11:35pm /10:35 Central. She will be the evening's only guest and will perform and chat with Fallon. The purpose of the occasion is to promote the forthcoming release (Sept. 16) of her new album of duets, titled: Partners.

Streisand today
Streisand today

Whether you're a fan or not, maybe you should catch it. Like a full lunar eclipse, it's something that doesn't happen that often you can tell your grandchildren about.

Unfamiliar with Streisand on film? Check out these releases:

Funny Girl (1968)

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970)

Barbara Streisand on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon: Monday, September 15th, 11:35 pm / 10:35 pm Central on NBC.


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