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Is this romantic comedy for you?

A to Z is a new NBC romantic comedy that just debuted October 2nd, (although its first and pilot episode was available for a while at NBC's portal). This beautiful comedy with tints of love, friendship and romance will hopefully end next year if the first episodes are successful. Please help this rom-com stay in our fall lineup for a long time. Here is what I have say about it first attempt at wooing our hearts.

It's lovely. It's romantic. It has potential!

This is a story that has a time clock counting backwards on top of it, in other words, the days that lead to the dissolution of this couple are counted and will be explored across the season. Their romance lasts for 8 months some days and some hours. "What will happen with them?" Is the question that supports the plot of this show.

I like it!

Think about it, as a movie this would be too much story to explore in about two hours. As a season long television show we will get a chance to explore the characters in depth and maybe even figure out what it is that happens with them. Do they breakup? Do they get engaged? Maybe they are having a baby!

Who knows. Watch the premiere episode and find more about this couple whose journey seems to be filled with surprises, and you may start questioning things like destiny, soul-mates, relationships, and above all... love.

Let's talk about Adam

He is interpreted by Ben Feldman (previously seen in Drop Dead Diva). Adam, his character is funny and if you think you might miss Ted Mosby, then he is the right supplement for you lack of HIMYM this fall.

Adam, portrayed by Ben Feldman
Adam, portrayed by Ben Feldman

Adam is a romantic, is quirky and is passionate about finding the woman for him.

Then we have Zelda

Or should I say... The Mother! She is the perfect match for this show. Those who watch HIMYM probably felt even worse about the ill-fated destiny of the mother because Cristin Milioti is a lovely actress that softens your heart when she is on screen.

Zelda, portrayed by Cristin Milioti
Zelda, portrayed by Cristin Milioti

As Zelda, Cristin is just adorable! She is light, and warm, and serious, and a girl who is a little afraid of love, not because she is not romantic, but because she doesn't want to get hurt.

You will fall in love with them. I know that I did. But well... I am a hardcore romantic, so maybe that's why I simply can't wait to know more about these two and their possibly epic love story.

So, to conclude; Watch this show if you love romantic comedies, goofy plots, weird and over enthusiastic sidekick friends, comedic acting and if you believe in love and meant-to-be plots.

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Here is the link to the premiere episode!

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