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In 2009, a group of Japanese filmmakers began a desperate attempt to make another sequel to Stephen Spielberg's 1975 classic film Jaws, which received praise as being perhaps the greatest killer shark film of all time.

The result was a film entitled Jaws in Japan. Unfortunately, it was not related or associated with the actual Jaws franchise, but it seems to be an impressive effort. The film was directed by John Hijiri and written by Yasutoshi Murakawa. The film also starred Nomani Takizawa, Airi Nakajima, and Megumi Haruno.

This is not the only mockbuster of Jaws; Italy was notorious for two mockbusters of the movie. One of them was released in 1981 and was entitled Great White. The movie sparked a lawsuit from Universal Pictures, the distributors of the original Jaws movie, and as a result, Great White was banned from the American market shortly after its release. Another Italian mockbuster, entitled Cruel Jaws, was released in 1995 and was directed by infamous Italian filmmaker Bruno Mattei, who became notorious for making films with concepts that were blatantly plagiarized from other films. Cruel Jaws was infamous for stealing stock footage from Jaws and its sequels, as well as Great White. It also had a mangled version of the Star Wars theme!

Now, back to the subject. Jaws in Japan had a very simple plot:

In the beautiful Sunny Beach, located on a tropical island, two college girls named Miki and Mai arrive until they were expecting something dangerous; there was a shark attack. Unfortunately, the two girls are unable to find a hotel they were looking forward to staying into.

When the film was released in the United States, it did not get an official rating by the MPAA, but received a 12A rating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. \

The film had gained negative reviews, but I think this is the best out of all the Jaws mockbusters. I'll give three reasons why: (1) it takes place in Japan, a country that is awesome, (2) it was made in 2009, meaning that it must have a higher budget, and (3) the shark was constructed with computer animation.


What is your opinion on Jaws in Japan?


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