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Stephen Amell (Arrow) started in April of 2012 by accident. He had just finished shooting the Arrow pilot in Vancouver and flew to Toronto to visit his Mom, who was going through chemo at the time. They met one afternoon for a beer and decided to take a photo giving cancer The Finger. Little did he know, there was a charity called Fuck Cancer. Shortly thereafter, their founder got in touch with Amell and the rest... as they say... is history.

Stephen Amell has made T-Shirt designs for the F*CK CANCER association. All the proceeds go straight to helping people with Cancer and/or anyone who has been affected by it. I have already bought a t-shirt and I couldn't be prouder of myself for helping an organization against Cancer.



F*ck Cancer’s goal is to throw events all over North America to give young adults who have, in any way, been affected by the disease, a completely unique bonding experience. Entrance to the event is in the form of a t-shirt, rather than a ticket, that reads “F*CK CANCER” in different colors, representative of various cancer ribbons. Money raised goes directly to major Cancer research facilities across North America. Their efforts have not only raised considerable funds for research but have also provided an avenue for the younger generation to fight back against cancer in a fun and unique way.

You can go an buy this badass F*CK CANCER shirt here

Come one everybody, every penny helps. If you have had Cancer or your friend or relative has, then help this organization to get money to help people. It will all be worth it.


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