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People still speculate that Metallo may or may not by in this film. Well, if he is... I think I have an idea to make him a "meaningful" foe of Superman. Now, Lex Luthor should be the opposing force in the background and his company responsible for the creating Metallo (hopefully played by Callan Mulvey.) Batman, the hero that will clash with Superman and eventually teams up with him. Here's Here what Metallo can do!

Obviously Make Him Weaker!

Metallo Kryptonite
Metallo Kryptonite

Metallo has Kryptonite to weaken Supes, but there's a good plot point for that. You guys remember MoS. The problem I had with it lied in the pacing and emphasizing on characters. Remember the scene in Zod's ship where Supes gotten weaker because of the Kryptonian atmosphere? Yeah... Even though I'm kind of against Kryptonite for this movie, it would make sense! All his life, Clark felt like nothing can truly hurt him (physically) and now something actually can! Superman, a hero that everyone idolizes to be is now broken and damaged. It felt like Man of Steel had something, and almost got there. The alien subplot is a good angle and now using physically torment would be better.

Almost Everyone Is Trying To Bring Him Down!

I said this before... In BvS: DoJ there has to be a feel of Superman being a "MAN WITH TOO MUCH POWER." In MoS, came to Zack Synder nearly nailed it when it came to Superman's struggle of being mentally brought down because he is an alien. Being bullied, alienated, and stronger than everyone around him truly made Clark feel like he's not a part of society. Now, he has a responsibility to be the savior of a world that does not truly accept him.

With Metallo, you have a villain that brings him down physically as well as mentally. He was practically isolated from the people around him and now he can be hurt physically. Metallo can truly make Kal-El scared because he can actually kill him! Kal-El at this point really question if he is strong enough to protect the world and if anyone else possesses Kryptonite. He would also question if he can live up to his father's expectations of being the savior of Earth.

Basically, It would be "A MAN WITH TOO MUCH POWER" to "A MAN WITH NOT ENOUGH POWER." So not only is he seen as an alien and wants to take him down, but now they actually can. This sets up for Kal-El to rise above and become the hero we need as well as an established leader that went through a lot.

That and Metallo can get cool weaponry because him becoming robotic was all LexCorp funding lol (Also S.T.A.R Labs.) Also, in the end, Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor get a hold of Kryptonite.

So that's it! I'm not truly a fan of introducing Kryptonite because Zack Synder want his Kryptonite to be his humanity, but it might be a good dynamic for this movie. Metallo is probably one of the only villains I can think of that isn't too big for the movie, but isn't underwhelming.

What do you think? Should Metallo and Kryptonite be introduced in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? Or do you have someone else in mind? Leave a comment!


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