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Cyborg. He's getting ready to join Superman and Batman in 2016 and help assemble the Justice League in 2017.

Now, here we go!

Does this gif ever get old?
Does this gif ever get old?

On February 6th, 2015, DC revealed their plans for the future of their comics: gone with the New 52 branding and focusing on diversifying their line. DC then announces new comic series, including one that's much overdue. Like seriously, four long years overdue!

That series?

CYBORG! Written by David L. Walker and art by Ivan Reis!

DC Comics Presents Justice League's Cyborg!
DC Comics Presents Justice League's Cyborg!

Not a comic book fan? Well the artist, Ivan Reis, started the New 52 by making Aquaman awesome! The writing and art in that series was absolutely beautiful.

Then he took over DC's flagship title, Justice League. There, he redesigned none other than Cyborg!

And now he's on...Cyborg!

I can't say I've read anything by David L. Walker. It doesn't look like he's written anything for DC. Regardless, we are all in for a surprise.

DC has always been pushing him since the beginning of the New 52. He's been on part of the Super Seven on shirts, toys, commercials, video games, and other places. Now he has his own series.

Now, you're probably wondering:

What's going on Mr. Kayne? This is just about comics, so why should I care?

So let's rewind.

In response to the Cyborg solo comic series announcement, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher tweeted:

This just raises excitement! Ray Fisher's enthusiasm tells you that this is a pivotal series in the years to come. He needs source material so he can get ready for acting as Cyborg in Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two. There's also one big detail that has been missed...

WB needs a story for Cyborg's film.

On that wonderful day in October 2014, WB announced their ten films that they are planning to release in the next six years.

The thing is, New 52 Cyborg is slightly different than pre-New 52 Cyborg. Cyborg was on the Teen Titans before, so his life was much different. WB would want to adapt a fresh new story rather than adapt an old story where Cyborg was on the Teen Titans.

But, we have so many questions about this film like:

  • Who are the villains?
  • Who his nemesis?
  • Who are the supporting characters?
  • Is Cyborg always so serious? (At least with the Justice League)
  • How does he handle his secret identity?
  • Who is his love interest?
  • Who is his best friend?
  • What are his thoughts in killing?
  • Does he trust Batman or Superman more? (That's a harder question than you think.)
  • How old was he when his mother died?

There are so many more questions, but to shorten this post, I'll stop for now.

Over the next three years, Cyborg's character needs more depth and at least one movie-like story.

They can probably get Cyborg's origin done in Batman v Superman or Justice League Part One because it's just him getting severely injured, then his father using some top secret serum/computer thingies that make him half machine.

But as I just said, we still need source material.

Advice: Keep an open ear to this series.

Buy the comic. Learn Cyborg's story. If you cannot, at least hear more news about the comic. Look at the previews. It will introduce characters that will be put into the Cyborg solo movie.


Will you buy this?

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Source: Newsarama

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