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Jerome Maida

Ever since it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con this past July that Jen and Sylvia Soska had been tapped to direct the upcoming "Painkiller Jane" film, there has been plenty of buzz and excitement about the project.

The character - originally co-created in a comic book by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada in 1995 - has always been a fan-favorite in the comic-book world, yet both a TV-movie and TV-series never seemed to truly capture the character's essence. As a result, neither were terrible. However, neither version really resonated with viewers either.

However, the "Twisted Twins", as they are affectionately called, seem to be the perfect pair to change that and really translate Jane Vasko to the big screen.

Why? For starters, they can barely contain their excitement when they talk about how they got involved with the project.

"I would have killed and maimed to be involved in that project, I'm glad I didn't have to", says Sylvia Soska, laughing. "We were introduced to Jimmy and Amanda (Conner, an accomplished artist and Palmiotti's wife) at C2E2 by our mutual Ken Levin. He asked if we'd like to have dinner with them and we, naturally freaked right the fuck out."

"I think I made it a good twenty minutes before nerding all over them", Sylvia Soska continues. "But we became friends and we got to read the script. I think we asked for a shot at directing it as soon as we were done reading."

The other half of the pair - who are best known for their 2012 horror flick "American Mary" and also directed 2009′s "Dead Hooker in a Trunk" - is equally enthusiastic.

"We are such fans of Jimmy and Amanda! We were so stoked to meet them", says Jen Soska. "Jimmy is such a brilliant writer. After we read 'Painkiller Jane', we asked if there was a director attached! Haha!"

"It was just so fucking good! It was so unapologetic-ally kick ass", Jen Soska concludes. "It isn't toned down from the comics one bit and it is exactly the 'Painkiller Jane' everyone wants to see!"


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