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There's arguably very little you could ever do to make the Star Wars series - or at least the original trilogy - any better than it already is. Try telling that to George Lucas, though, who's spent the better part of three decades tinkering with the beloved movies, attempting to create the ultimate version of them, and angering pretty much every fan in the universe in the process.

Lucas, though, isn't the only one working on editing Star Wars and - despite his willingness to put CGI where CGI should not be - he's not even necessarily the most innovative.

For instance, check out this newly released re-editing of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope's Throne Room sequence by Auralnauts - without John Williams' iconic score:

Which is just about as creepy a version of that sequence as you'll ever see. It also makes it seem very much like someone's about to get executed (watch out, Han...). That being said, taking away the music does add a whole bunch of solemnity to proceedings that was arguably lacking in the original - and that does seem more plausible after pretty much all of the rebel air force was annihilated during the attack on the Death Star.

If that doesn't float your boat, though, here are some of the most innovative - and peculiar - fan edited versions of Star Wars to date:

First up:

The Phantom Edit

Created by Mike J. Nichols, The Phantom Edit is the granddaddy of all fan edits. After all, it completely redefines the first of the Star Wars prequels - altering several key scenes, and completely changing much of the sound and visuals.

And, of course, adding in this:

Thus ensuring the lifelong devotion of many, many fans...

Some edits, though, make fewer wholesale changes, in favor of subtle adjustments to improve the end result. Such as:

The Death Star Battle Re-Edited

Created by MikeFright, the below video reconstructs the assault on the Death Star from Episode IV, making the sequence longer, as well as adjusting several of the emotional cues:

Or, of course, you could just reconstruct the whole original movie into alphabetical order, as in:


Created by Tom7, this one you really just have to see for yourself:

See? Totally weird (but strangely hypnotic and awesome), huh?

All of which is great and all, but y'know what? At the end of the day - I'm still happiest watching the original, un-edited and un-CGI-ed trilogy.

Or, more accurately, hopelessly pining for the release of [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) in December 2015.


What do you guys think? Favorite version of Star Wars?

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