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Since the announcement that there's going to be an Underworld reboot, exactly who what and where has been up for speculation. Will there be more blue contact lenses? Will Kate Beckinsale ever wear a material other than leather?

Well, the mysteries are lessening with Lionsgate's decision to let slip pretty much all the major details this week. First off: it's not a reboot. It's actually a sequel, or an "expansion of the existing universe".

But more importantly, we all want to know who exactly will be fronting the reboot. And guess what, it's not Selene (although she will feature).

Instead, we're going to get a male hero - Theo James, the English dude who from Divergent and who played David in Underworld: Awakening. David will become the lead character in the fifth film, and he looks something like this:

Theo James in Underworld: Awakening
Theo James in Underworld: Awakening

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Sources say there was an option on James because of his work on the previous film, and he'll star opposite two new female characters. Casting is underway for those roles, with plans to start shooting in the spring.

Either way, we're clearly in for more pretty vampires, bloodsucking and a decent amount of brooding. The big question is - will James, who previously starred in Divergent, be able to carry Underworld?

Here's three reasons why he might be a perfect choice for the sequel:

1) He's used to playing conflicted people

Aside from Divergent, James played a guy with the ability to see ghosts in Bedlam, and will star as the selfish womaniser Guy Clinch in an upcoming adaptation of Martin Amis's London Fields.

2) He's a bit of a stunner


3) He drops lines like this...

Oh we will. We will.

(Source: Comic Book Movie)


Is Theo James the name you wanted to hear?


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