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The 80s were the heyday for many classic cartoon characters, but now 25-35 years later (yes, time does fly) have you ever stopped for a minute to think about what your favorite cartoon characters would be up to now? No probably not.

Luckily for us, Steve Cutts has imagined what these iconic characters would be doing now that their [TV ](channel:931767)shows have ended and the work has dried up. To be honest it paints a pretty miserable picture. Miserable but hilarious.

Take a look for yourself!

Too good! Sorry Jessica Rabbit but the years have not been kind! While Jessica and Roger were the main focus, these were my favorite parts:


Cartoon food truckers

Popeye's arms, Iron Giant with a bottle of bourbon, Snoopy with a cigarette in his mouth...What a pitiful picture.


Garfield being forklifted off his litter box

Well, like he says in the video "come on, it was always gonna end like this." You feed a kitty nothing but lasagne, then I guess you've got to expect to be lifting him off his own soiled litter box.


Miserable cartoon cubicle life

This kills me! You have the corporate sell-out Carebears, Skeletor trying to upsell to his best ability, in the background you see Pikachu, Barney and Big Bird doing the same. Poor old Top Cat and Tom seem to have become paper pushers too.


Cartoon Fast food workers

How miserable does ALF look in his hat and bow tie? Not to mention Optimus Prime slaving away in the background cooking the chicken!

What old cartoon character would you most like to see in follow up video? Tell me in the comments!


Which washed up cartoon character had the saddest future?

Source: Vimeo, Sploid


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