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Oh Jurassic Park III; giver of jungle, Sam Neill being a badass and a crazy-ass fight between a T. Rex and a Spinosaurus.

Remember how tense this was?

Well it tuns out that this dino throw-down is all wrong, because according to new findings, there is no way a fight between a T. Rex and Spinosaurus would ever happen.

And here's why.

According to a report published in Science, the Spinosaurus spent the majority of its time in lakes and rivers in North Africa. Yep: it's the first dinosaur to be confirmed as semi-aquatic.

At 50 feet long, the Spinosaurus was bigger than landlubber the T. Rex, and paddled like a duck through its environment. It had small nostrils towards the back of its skull that allowed it to breathe while its jaws were submerged - like a crocodile.

Report co-author Paul Sereno likened the Spinosaurus to "a chimera - a combination of a bird and a crocodile".

This means that it probably would have been too front heavy to have ever walked on land upright. In other words; there's no way it could have snuck into the jungle to maul a T. Rex in Jurassic Park III.

Or as Sereno succinctly put it:

I think that we have to face the fact that the Jurassic Park folks have to go back to the drawing board on Spinosaurus

(Source IGN)


Are you disappointed the epic fight would never have happened?


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