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The curtain has been pulled back and [The Walking Dead](series:201193) resident bad-ass Daryl Dixon - aka Norman Reedus - has had some pretty gross secrets revealed by his co-stars!

Stars of the show were asked again by Entertainment Weekly to tell more secrets about their fellow cast mates and this time the spotlight was shone on Norman Reedus. Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) let slip that his standard greeting is to lick peoples faces...whaaaaat?

Yep apparently our favorite walker slayer is a "licker not a fighter" and is "willing to lick for love." Lincoln also told EW that at the end of a long day of working up a sweat killing walkers, Reedus loves to go and wipe his dirt all over his cast mates. White clothing is definitely off limits around Daryl Dixon!

You can check out the filthy revelations in full, below:

But surely Norman Reedus isn't the only star with a secret they maybe wish we didn't know?

Check out these other stars with weird and wonderful secrets:


Rob Pattinson is also a licker...of ARMPITS!?

According to a 2012 interview with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson is quite a fan of giving his girlfriend's armpits a good lick. Yeah, if that's true that's pretty gross.


Christian Bale is decidedly UN-superstitious

This odd celeb likes to provoke superstitions! Where others may avoid opening an umbrella inside, walking under ladders or spilling the salt, Bale goes out of his way to do all of these things, like he's sending some sort of 'come at me, bro' message to the universe.


Vin Diesel LOVES Dungeons and Dragons!

Turns out this tough guy isn't all fast cars and big muscles. Vin has a bit of a geeky side and has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years. He even wrote the forward in a book dedicated to the tabletop fantasy game!


Johnny Depp lives in a Barbie world

Apparently after the star started playing Barbies with his daughter, Lily Rose, Barbie playtime soon turned in a bit of an obsession for Depp. He now has a massive collection including special and limited edition barbies, dolls from his own movies and many other celebrities too. Whatever floats your barbie bumper boat, Johnny!


Which celeb has the weirdest quirk?

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