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Kit Simpson Browne

One of the more surprising box office damp squibs of the summer was The Expendables 3. After all, previous installments of the over-the-top action franchise had performed solidly, and the latest iteration had seemingly added enough additional firepower (especially in the form of Star Wars Episode VII-bound Harrison Ford) to be guaranteed a decent slice of the box office pie.

That, though, wasn't to be, and the movie has, as of today, only registered a $37 million dollar total at the domestic box office - substantially down from the previous installment's takes.

Many possible explanations have been posited - with the PG-13 rating likely a key factor - but one that hasn't been raised as of yet is the film's use of special effects.

Which, as this recently revealed video shows, isn't too surprising:

After all - it's not as though anyone could accuse [The Expendables 3](movie:388705) of not having enough action...


What do you guys think? Into the Behind the Scenes SFX Breakdowns?



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