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Continuing a relationship with Tom Cruise that began with Valkyrie and appears only to have strengthened, Jack Reacher's Christopher McQuarrie is taking over directing duties on Mission: Impossible 5.

The fourth installment in the long-running spy saga, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol achieved a positive result from critics and raked in almost $700m across the globe, the highest sum for a flick starring Cruise.

And with Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames, and Simon Pegg all returning to the cast, then hopefully things can only get better. Check out this new behind-the-scenes M:I 5 set photo, which boasts the fact that Rhames is back for more that just a cameo in the latest movie (hooray!):

Mission Impossible has been a director showcase since its first installment and has been up-and-down qualitatively, depending on who was in the hot seat. McQuarrie proved he's got action chops with Jack Reacher, so I'm expecting this to be a lot of fun.

My only gripe so far is this: why is Patton not in this movie?!


Are you pumped for Mission: Impossible 5?

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