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After spending hours a week hammering out the latest news about The Vampire Diaries, I've noticed that a huge percentage of my comments are worries about the future of Delena, but why is everyone so concerned for this ship?

Sure, I like a dramatic love story as much as the next fan, but surely season 6 gives us a golden opportunity to explore other storylines while we let Delena simmer for a while?

After all, season 5 was totally dominated by their relationship, and there is so much as too much of a good (or bad, depending on your viewpoint!) thing.

I can't help but feel like the story telling in [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) has gotten weaker due to fans rabid obsession with Delena, and the writers desperate hankering to please the shippers.

I'm sure a lot of you aren't going to like it, but here are my reasons that the first half of season 6 should let sleeping Delenas lie...

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

Sure, Damon being stuck on The Other Side isn't going to be a walk in the park for either character, but I think it's best for the Delena relationship in the long run.

Spending a decent story arc apart will help Damon and Elena grow as characters in their own rights and make their reunion more multi-layered.

I don't want Delena to be separated forever, but half a season apart will make their reunion even more explosive. Not only for the inevitable burst of uncontrollable passion, but for the inevitable problems that will arise for the pair.

No show has ever been made exciting by a well-rounded and stable relationship, and maybe Elena and Damon realizing how much they have changed since they were torn apart could make for an interesting dynamic to propel the rest of season 6 forward.


All the Single Ladies!

Do you guys remember when Elena was single? Nope, neither do I because she hasn't ever really had any time without being wrapped up in the Salvatore brothers.

Elena has became a huge antagonist in TVD fandom because of her selfish behaviour and ability to hit both of the Salvatore brothers where it hurts, but what would she be like without such epic dude drama constantly following her around?

It can be argued that Elena herself is the problem, but it seems to me that her obsession with the Salvatore brothers has totally stripped her viewpoint of what's important in life.

I mean, how many times has she cared about her best mate Bonnie being stuck on The Other Side?

I'd like to meet a version of Elena who is wrapped up in other things apart from romantic angst. Who knows, we might all end up liking her as much as we did in the beginning.

Devilish old Damon wouldn't be too bad either!


Do I Have Demon-jà Vu?!

Remember the glory days were Delena had the potential to be surprising and shock us with their escapades? Maybe we could get those back, if we just gave their relationship a bit of a break.

There's no pussyfooting around this, Delena is starting to get seriously repetitive. The writers are running out of ideas when it comes to this couple, and with the amount of screen time they have, I can't say I blame them!

Damon and Elena need to build new friendships, do new things and maybe even straight-up authentically hate each others guts for a while... And not just one episode a while either!

These two are all about each other and it's kind of diluted their characters and the rest of the storylines on the show.


There Are Other Characters Too!

Sure, the love triangle was the foundation that TVD was built on, but maybe now it's time to build something fresh on top of it!

I would love to sink my teeth into some meatier plotlines, and there is only so much time to tell stories in season 6...

When 20 mins or so of every episode is spent developing or maintaining the love triangle, the development of other characters suffers, which in turn, makes the show seem pretty flat.

TVD has a wealth of interesting characters, not to mention all the new guys that need to be developed, if the writers skimp on this, season 6 has the potential to be an unconvincing flop.


I'm no Delena hater, or Stelena purist, but I think that something needs to change for the development of the show.

Damon should totally come back from The Other Side, but he should stay there for a bit and let Delena's relationship really marinade!


How soon do you want the Delena saga to reboot?

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