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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It seems that a guy finally solved the Jack the Ripper case — after watching From Hell!

However, if Jack the Ripper inspired such a terrifying horror movie, there's no reason other serial killers shouldn't be made into their own horrifying cautionary tales.

Check out these serial killers you've never heard of — if you're of a sensitive disposition, it's probably best to keep it that way.

1. Hubert Pilčík

[Credit: Murderpedia]
[Credit: Murderpedia]
  • Location: Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)
  • M.O.: Sexual sadist and robber
  • Killings: 3+ confirmed
  • Years Active: 1948 - 1950

Insane Fact: Pilčík's crimes were first noticed when a child was spotted playing with a human leg! When police raided his home, they rescued a 12-year-old girl, whom Pilčík had been abusing, fastening a wooden case around her head to muffle the screams.

2. Karl Denke

[Credit: Murderpedia]
[Credit: Murderpedia]
  • Location: Germany (though this area is now Ziębice in Poland)
  • M.O.: Cannibal
  • Killings: 42+
  • Years Active: 1903 – 1924

Insane Fact: An active cannibal, Denke would cure human meat to sell to locals as "pickled pork" at the market.

3. Hiroshi Maeue

[Credit: Murderpedia]
[Credit: Murderpedia]
  • Location: Osaka, Japan
  • M.O.: Sexual gratification through strangulation
  • Killings: 3
  • Years Active: 2005

Insane Fact: Maeue had a psychosexual disorder, meaning he could only orgasm while strangling someone. He found his victims by organizing suicide pacts online, taping the killings to rewatch later.

4. Vlado Taneski

[Credit: Murderpedia]
[Credit: Murderpedia]
  • Location: Macedonia
  • M.O.: Sexual gratification through strangulation
  • Killings: 3
  • Years Active: 2005 – 2008

Insane Fact: Tanseki was actually a successful crime journalist, who made money reporting on his own murders before he was caught. He killed 3 older women who looked eerily like his mother.

5. Adolfo Constanzo

[Credit: Murderpedia]
[Credit: Murderpedia]
  • Location: Mexico City
  • M.O.: Cult leader, sacrificing humans to "gain strength"
  • Killings: 25+
  • Years Active: 1986 – 1989

Insane Fact: Constanzo — a.k.a. The Godfather of Matamoros — led a cult worshipping the demonic Kadiempembe, sacrificing animals before he moved on to humans. Police found over 25 corpses when they raided his ranch, all with missing body parts.

6. Charles Sobhraj a.k.a. The Serpent

[Credit: Murderpedia]
[Credit: Murderpedia]
  • Location: Vietnam
  • M.O.: Poisoner
  • Killings: 12+
  • Years Active: 1974 – 1976

Insane Fact: Sobhraj was unusual in that he killed not to satisfy violent impulses, but out of a bizarre sense of adventure. He would poison tourists and nurture them back to health to gain their trust, killing them when they were no longer useful to him, or to steal their passports and belongings.

Horrifying. One small mercy is that all of these killers were apprehended.


Which of these sick killers would make the most terrifying movie?

(Images: Murderpedia)


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