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I love this film so much. I sometimes cry towards the end. A beautiful film with one heck of an amazing score (Hans Zimmer) you nailed it. Not to forget director (Ridley Scott) this is one film I highly, highly recommend!

Russell Crowe is our Maximus, our Gladiator.

Maximus (Russell Crowe) takes the Roman army to win against the Germanic Tribes as he wants the end this long war on the Roman frontier. He would like to do this as the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) is old and dying. The Emperor's son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) wants Maximus to succeed and to turn back Rome into a republic. The Emperor tells his son about his decision and Commodus ends up killing his father to claim the throne sooner.

Commodus asks for Maximus' loyalty towards him but he suspects foul play and refuses to be loyal. Thus Maximus is forced to fight in local tournaments and he wins because of his superior skills.

This film is truly remarkable and has an amazing storyline. It's so beautifully shot and well presented that when watching the film you feel as if you're in that era watching all of the tournaments. I would have loved to witness this!

A must see, and if you have seen it - it's so worth watching again.... hey it's Friday so no excuses!

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