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Remember the first time you saw Robocop, The Thing. The first time I saw these two movies I saw blown away. I then heard(a long time ago) that they were going to re-make/prequel movies such as these great 80s classics, I was quite excited.

I watch the video tape (Google it for you younger people) of this so so so much when I was younger I broke the tape rewinding it. The acting, the plot, the action was just the best that i could ever ask for in a action/sci-fi movie. It is a Top Ten movie for me. Fast forward a lot of years and in 2014 was the release date for Robocop. I stopped dead in my tracks, a remake, Nooooooooooooooooooooo. i thought it would be a quite horrible movie. In the past movies that have done this have flopped pretty bad in the theaters or the fans of these movies are angry, mad, completely furious. At first I have to admit that I was upset about this because I love the original so much. I went out on a limb a couple months ago and bought the remake. I watched it with a open mind. I was quite surprised with the movie itself, not to bad for a remake. It wasn't like the older movie. I gave it a chance and it worked. If you like the 1987 version try and watch the 2014 version, but don't think that it will be exactly the same as the original. You will see and hear certain tributes to the 1987 version. There are some one liners that are included with the newer version and watch Joel Kinnanim as he walks. He does pause and look then turn as Peter Weller did in the original. All in all the remake is still pretty good. I still love the original better though.

Robocop (2014)
Robocop (2014)


The Thing(1982) The Thing (2011)

This movie in my opinion of horror, suspense, thriller movie was AMAZING! It was so good that I never wanted to go outside as a kid in the middle of winter after seeing this movie. At first I thought it was remake I watched it without knowing anything about it. IT WAS A PREQUEL! I really did like the movie kind of. I mean it was good, but when making prequels that have better graphics and are trying to tell the back story it makes the original so much better and makes you wonder why you watched the 2011 version in the first place. I did want the back story on the 1982 version, but there were some holes in the story. Spoilers ahead.

First off lets talk about the whole two headed body found at the Norwegian campsite. As a fan of the 1982 version the newer version has to much details and I believe that is what ruined that part for me.

Then we have Kate just wandering around the arctic, I mean come on, she must have known about the other American site there as well. They did know about the soviet site but not the American? That was a stretch for me.

Then we have The Thing that could be in human form turn back to a dog and then run to the American campsite. If no one knew about the American site how would the thing know that there were others around. And being trap under the ice for awhile just knows where to go?

Also why was almost every scene exactly like the 82 version? I mean they could have done a better job at making a sequel rather than a prequel.

In retro spec of these two movie I would have to say Robocop 2014 was not to bad, and was its own movie rather than the original. The Thing 2011 was not that great except giving some background, it does not need the 103 minutes run time.


Which do you prefer Remake or Prequel/Sequel?


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