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The insanely disturbing scenes in these 5 movies capture the most brutal concepts of savagery that one can commit against another and, somehow, I just LOVE to watch them...

What is wrong with my soul?

Taken, 2008

When Liam Neeson and his very special set of skills turn on the electricity and walk out of the building leaving Marko to die, I am always left wondering: how long exactly would it take someone to die from that? Standard household voltage continuously passing through a young fit individual. Minutes? Hours? Longer?

I don't know much about electrical stuff. But I do know that in the unrated version, Neeson stabs the guy with two nine inch nails and connects the wires to those.



I Spit On Your Grave, 2010

It's a tale as old as time: girl meets boy, boys rape girl, girl escapes, girl exacts revenge on her tormentors. But as it turns out, that was to be the last mistake that particular nasty man ever got to make: he gets tied to a tree and has fishhooks used to keep his eyes open. Fish guts are shoved in his mouth and eyeballs, and birds come and peck his eyeballs out.

I know exactly what I Spit On Your Grave set out to do - and it did so in awful, AWFUL spades.


I Spit On Your Grave 2, 2013

What could I possibly even say about this scene? Many things, actually. But after watching Georgy get his open wounds smeared with human excrement and left to rot then there's one lesson to take away from this movie: be nice to people. Because the next person you upset could be a sadistic murderer who will hound you to the ends of the earth in search of retribution and poke the pus out of your open wounds with a long stick.


Oldboy, 2003

Any psychotic can smash someone's fingers or beat a head to a pulp until they get what they want. But Woo-jin Lee's fresh take on torture really hit a nerve when he removes all of Dae-su Oh's teeth with a claw hammer...

I don't even want to know what my dentist's reaction to that scene was.


The Last House on the Left, 1972

Unrestrained violence and sexual humiliation run the course of this sick slice of cinema. Being forced to pee in your pants and then take them off in front of a group of sickos is a cringe-inducing ordeal for all involved. Including the audience.

But man, it's so good.



Which of these horrific torture scenes freaks you out the most?


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