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It seems Warner Brothers are on a roll with getting DC content out all over the T.V. Networks. The CW has [Arrow](series:720988), [The Flash](movie:15273), Fox has [Gotham](series:1127075), and NBC has [Constantine](movie:874314). There's also that iZombie show The CW has but I wouldn't get to into that as it isn't a DC hero show like the rest. We'd also recently found out that SuperGirl was in the works by the execs who have brought us Arrow/Flash. There's no saying though that SuperGirl will be joining Arrow/Flash Universe. She may, but that is if the CW takes up the project at all. We will have to wait and see. It has recently come to light that another DC comic will be getting the T.V. treatment.

When I first saw this news hit the web I was starting to think, "Is this going a little too far now?" Don't get me wrong, it's great to see WB/DC's T.V. content expand but on all different networks. Teen Titans really wasn't the next thing I thought I would see get a T.V. adaption... but what really surprised me was that TNT would be producing the show. Who knows! SuperGirl could end up on AMC at this rate. Warner Bros are obviously dominating T.V. when it comes to comic book material but TNT to home Teen Titans seemed a bit random for me. According to Deadline the show will be called 'Titans' and is near a pilot order with Academy Award-winning Akiva Goldsman to work on scripting alongside Marc Haimes. Now don't let the 'award-winning' part fool you, this guy did write for Batman Forever/Batman & Robin after all.

Now, I'm loving the fact that were getting all this DC T.V. content. Really looking forward to the third season of Arrow, along with Flash, Gotham and Constantine. It's also great that we could be getting a female lead T.V. show with SuperGirl but honestly it's getting a little out of hand now. I mean all of these T.V. networks won't be crossing over with each other so the best T.V. Universe we're gonna get is the Arrow/Flash world. Then, of course, you have the movie Universe which will be separate to all the T.V. series. Everything that Warner Bros. seem to be doing with DC at the moment is all separate and without much connection. A lot of us wanna see the DCCU grow. With the untitled movie release dates set over the next four years it goes to show that we will be getting our wish. It also seems we could be seeing a lot of the same characters on T.V. in the movies as well. I would like to see a big DCCU with lots of different characters but if that happens we're probably gonna be seeing all duplicates of what's already on T.V. I was also hoping that we could see a Nightwing T.V. series on The CW so it would connect to the Arrow/Flash world but I doubt that now as Nightwing will be the leader of the Teen Titans in the series.

So to sum all of this up: all Im saying is, I think Warner Bros. are going too far with the T.V. series. We're gonna end up with a series on every network at this point and they are all gonna be in separate Universes. Of course there's the worry that the Shazam movie won't be connected to the DCCU which - if true - I'm sure many of us will be fuming! What's the point in building a Universe of heroes if none of them exist in the same one? I could see this being awesome if it all lead to a 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' movie with all the Universes colliding but that seems unlikely. It's too early to tell at the moment if all of these separate T.V. series are a good thing but let's just look forward to what is coming this year.

Give your thoughts below on where you stand with WB/DC expanding on the small screen!


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