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Delisa Elizabeth

So from what I understand the show Catfish has been on for like what two or three seasons not to mention there was a movie so how the hell are people still getting catfished? I mean haven’t these people seen the show/movie? Don’t they know that if someone has like 5 pictures and 10 Facebook friends, they are using a fake account? How do people get suckered in like this? Not to mention a lot of these people doing the catfishing conveniently don’t have a webcam or a working phone (it’s 2014, everything has a camera on it) or they do have a phone but you can never get a hold of them or you have spoken to them on the phone like twice (even though it was two different people speaking to you), or they don’t have a phone, come on now. Right there I just said like ten red flags, let’s not fall in love too easily folks, if you have been talking to someone for more than a year online and they hesitate to meet you, just move on, seriously move on, go to the bar, get drunk, and have sex with the first guy that says hi to you (I know terrible advice) but still. As long as there are suckers, I will continue to watch the show and be amazed at the stupidity there is in this world.

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