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Here again we have another alien game. How about a little background on this game first.

The game is set in 2137, 15 years after the events of Alien and 42 years prior to Aliens. The game follows Amanda, who is investigating the disappearance of her mother Ellen Ripley. Amanda was transferred to the space station Sevastopol to find the flight recorder of Nostromo. However, an Alien has already infested the station.


So here we go on a mission that involves a sequel of sorts. I am really thinking about buying this game when it is released in the US in October 2014.

I know, I know, you are saying right now "but why, the last game was so bad!" Well here is my take on it so far.

As a fan of all the movies, YES ALL OF THEM, including Alien Resurrection. I have read all the books as well from the 90s. And being Alien as the most iconic one of the whole series this game might be quite good. The series really revolves around Ripley, as she confronts Xenomorph(s), a corrupt company, and just trying to stay alive. If you have seen any of these movies then you would know its" survive at all cost" movie(s). Apparently the video game maker FINALLY understood what type of game to make then, not just a first person shooter but a role playing game. In the past they have tried every sort of variation in between the movies or before the movies. Its a good idea but really, this seems like a very good starting point saying it is Amanda Ripley trying to find answers about her mother. I can get behind that completely.

In my opinion they should see how the game is received and then they should discuss whether they could make a decent movie out of it. I for one would be never glad to see a movie about Ripley's daughter trying to find answers. I am not sure on how the alien could be worked into it. Unless they say that Amanda Ripley was one of the colonists that started to terraform LV-246. And then fast forward 40 years, 2 years before the start of Aliens, to how the colonists started to notice things that have been in the past Aliens and Prometheus movies.

Now that I am writing this I am starting to like this movie that hasn't even been thought up yet!.

Back to the game, I am hoping that they can keep this title from being another stinker published by Sega.


Will you buy this game?


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