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In Far Cry 3, the lucid insanity of Vaas was apparent to us the moment we awoke in that bamboo prison. Mocking the opening scenes fun-filled thrills as we flew around on jet skis and jumped out of airplanes, he collects a pile of dust in his hand and lets us know that we’ve ‘hit the ground’.

He was a rare character in a video game, one who’s performance we could enjoy as we stared into his maddened eyes. The opening moments set the pace for the game as he chased us down through the jungle. But all this is has been transformed with the upcoming release of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4.

Welcome to Kyrat, Mountain Home of Pagan Min

So what do we know about Pagan Min? As he steps out of his helicopter in the opening moments, with his expensive clothes and platinum blonde hipster-haircut, we realise that Ubisoft have taken a vastly different approach with their latest villain.

He has been in charge of the country Kyrat for over 20 years. Following his move from his native Hong Kong, Min arrived in this stunning area with the intention of asserting his control. Now, with his face even appearing on their currency, this area is suffocated beneath the autocratic rule of this disillusioned man.

Vaas was clearly an insane individual, yet Min displays an air of intelligence, charm and sophistication. He appears to operate in a different orbit, ignorant of the extreme nature of his methods. In the opening scene we see him repeatedly stab a man in the throat following his failure to carry out his orders efficiently.

Pagan Min, Demented Killer
Pagan Min, Demented Killer

His pink suit, which we see on many of the images advertising the game, is an apparent homage to his mother, whom he clearly shared a troubling relationship with. Mock the suit and you offend his mother. Speaking of mocking, I detect a sense of irony in Min’s delight with modern culture. His haircut and desire to take a selfie with Ajay following a murder, seems indicative of Ubisoft’s slagging of the extremes of modern culture. I don’t know; watch the opening and see, just me?

Far Cry 4’s gameplay doesn’t appear to feature major alterations to what we saw in Far Cry 3, though it is the first time that we are playing a native of the country we explore. Ajay Ghale, returns to Kyrat after many years to bury his mother’s ashes. His parents were key figures in the initial revolution against Min, thus lending his family name a degree of infamy in the area. Min even states: “I would recognise those eyes anywhere’, which he follows by embracing you.

Tear Sh*t Up in Far Cry 4
Tear Sh*t Up in Far Cry 4

While Vaas chased after us through the jungle, Pagan Min appears to harbour the desire to befriend us. I think we can all guess how that’ll pan out.

Ubisoft appears to want to have fun with this latest instalment in the Far Cry series. Claiming that the dark nature of the third game will be replaced with black humour…and elephants. This is evident in the opening moment as Min steps back onto his helicopter shouting ‘you and I are gonna’ tear sh** up.’ A clear invitation to the gamer’s to explore the world, bring out the guns and blow the island apart.

Far Cry 4’s release date is November 18th 2014 and comes out on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE and PC.


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