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I must admit, I have ruined some of my GTA saves in the past due to my impatient inclusion of cheats during the main campaign. While this does prevent me from receiving game awards, I just couldn’t help myself, they are far too much fun.

Luckily, with Rockstar’s GTA 5 I behaved myself. Frankly, the story and world were so incredibly designed that the addition of cheats really only crossed my mind once I had a group of friends in the room after the credits had rolled.

GTA’s cheats are endless fun, there’s nothing I like more than getting a 5 star rating and waiting for the mayhem to begin, but GTA 5’s cheats had a special manic quality to them. While we have the traditional ones that feature star rating increases and weapon selections, Rockstar included some rather beautiful ideas. Let’s take a look at them!

Explosive bullets

What a joy it is to walk up to a passer by and push them, awaiting a response, pulling out the smallest gun you have and firing one single shot that propels them into the air. Beautiful. Also, this is an incredibly helpful cheat in 5 star situations, resulting in cars exploding left, right and centre from the bullets of your little handgun.


This cheat only lasts 5 minutes, creating a great moment just as you come out of it, surrounded by more cops than you can count as you quickly button mash to return to your comfort zone. I personally just spent my time at the airport attempting to get into the planes, which were all destroyed before I left the hangar. Naturally I was unharmed.


How I love this cheat. It simply teleports you hundreds of feet up into the air, directly above where you were standing, allowing you to glide to your location while quickly using another cheat that spawns a parachute. I personally found that this cheat was a great way to get around with invincibility turned on. Simply fly towards your location and face plant into the ground at about 60 miles an hour. You’ll receive a wonderful line from your character too as they instantly stand up after the ordeal.

Moon Gravity

Watching Trevor leap over cars like super man was a constant delight. The state that he is in matched with this super human ability to almost fly over cars was excellent. It was tremendous fun in gunfights to suddenly leave the area in style.

Drunk Mode

Personally, I loved combining pretty much all of the cheats above and then sticking this one to add an additional layer of hilarity. Whether you’re falling from the sky, getting shot at or driving a car, the drunk mode made all of these tasks seem impossible as your player stumbled about the world in a drunken haze.

If you ask me, they need to put all of these cheats into Red Dead Redemption, just to make that game even more incredible!


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