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First off, let me say that while I have seen the original Spiderman Trilogy, it has been a very long time and I never really followed the movies, or any superhero movies at all until a few months ago. I also have not seen The Amazing Spiderman. So, why am I talking about TAS2 if I have zero experience in the franchise? Because a). I thought the movie was pretty good, and b). A lack of experience with the franchise means that I am not affected by the fan fatigue that has been coming from the reboot.

But, beyond the fact that Sony rebooted the franchise just a bit too early, there was a plot flaw that stuck out at me. Just one, but it’s the kind of flaw that throws off movies and can even shut down a series, be it a movie series or a book series: TAS2 was a prologue. That’s it. Many, many times the second installment in a series of any kind serves more like a catapult to send you into the bigger plot of the series as a whole, which leaves the movie feeling a little dry on its own plot.

I feel like that was the point of TAS2: to show that a group of villains are gathering, presumably lead by Harry Osborne aka the Green Goblin, to fight Spiderman, and also to kill Gwen. This sends us straight into the next movie, The Amazing Spiderman 3, with Peter having lost Gwen, who is his pillar of stableness, and has at the very minimum three villains (Electro, Green Goblin, and Rhino) who want him dead. I added Electro to that list because I think that the man who visited Harry in the Ravencroft Institute is Electro, who somehow regained his physical form. This is pure speculation on my part; I haven’t seen anything that proves or disproves this.

Of course, considering the weaponry in the Special Projects unit at Oscorp, there are almost certainly going to be more villains than those. After all, Harry said that they were only starting with Rhino.

But, as far as an actual review of this movie goes, I really liked it. Other than the second-story syndrome (which is completely fake but sounds awesome), I found it to be a great movie. Electro was a very cool villain, and I liked the way they used reasons other than pure revenge or being a power-hungry person for the villain’s motivation. If this is as much of a prologue as I think it is, than TAM3, which is set to be released in 2018, will be amazing. Pun completely intended.


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