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The Walking Dead is gearing up to break hearts in their fifth season and by the looks of the AMC character poster for Norman Reedus' ever-popular and uber sexy Daryl Dixon, so are his steely smooth great looks.

Frank Ockenfels/AMC via E Online
Frank Ockenfels/AMC via E Online

Every fangirl in the world just swooned their way right into a heart attack. [The Walking Dead](series:201193) returns for your viewing pleasure on October 12th, but just in case you can't wait that long to get your fill of this crossbow toting badass babe - we sure can't - I'm going to break down the seven sexiest things about Daryl Dixon just for your impatient little heart!

Let's get straight to the point here, ladies.

1.) Those friggin' arms

I know that food may be scarce in a zombie apocalypse and all but that is one finely fit specimen of godliness. The greasy dirt just adds to the definition of his beautiful ripples. That is one filthy man that I will not be complaining about.

2.) He's the badboy you want to love you

He hops on and off a motorcycle so it's a pretty good guarantee that your mother won't approve, but who needs acceptance when you can be huggin' on that waistline goin' 80mph down an empty highway? I mean, he might have to stop and kill a couple things along the way, but I'm betting you don't mind one bit. Just keep holding on baby, you can fix him.

3.) His smart mouth makes you quiver

How can it not? He kills things like he was made to do it but you like the fear. I know you do. His threats aren't idle, but somehow you kind of want to push him. I know, I totally get it.

4.) He's a big ol' softy under it all

It's really no surprise. He's fierce, and fiercely loyal to the ones he cares for. But seeing him holding a baby with that twinkle of a smile? OH. MY. GOD. It's so adorable to see him put down the crossbow and pick up a huge dose of marriage material.

5.) He can see right into your soul

Daryl Dixon is a man of few words but who needs them when he can look at you like that? He has this way of looking at you like he's seeing straight into your overflowing soul while completely blocking you out of his. He is a mystery and you want to play detective.

6.) He can take care of you

He can protect you from anything. He'll always be there to rescue you. He is a one man army that not even the already dead are safe from. He's a skilled hunter, marksmen, and survivalist. You could live in the woods for the rest of your happy little life without a want or care in the world next to a man like that.

7.) He'll never give up on you

No matter what he has to go through to help you, he'll do it. He isn't opposed to taking drastic injury to keep you, either. What a man, what a mighty good man. He'll face death and starvation before he lets you go through any such peril. Keeping you out of harm's way and in his arms will always be his main objective. Nothing gets sexier than determination, right?

Okay, before I completely faint I have to walk away. I have to get up and stop looking at this beautiful man. I need to back away now, oh gosh, but look at him, I just can't.

Don't worry, just one more month until you get to feast your eyes on the loveliest buffet. I know it's torture but we must suffer through because the reward will be oh so sweet.


What is the sexiest thing about Daryl Dixon?

(Source: E Online)

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