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Ever want to be in a horror film? Have you gone to audition after audition only to be told "Sorry, your not right for the part"; "No, we are looking for someone 'taller and more experienced' ". Ever watch a film and say... "I could do better than that!" .... Well, here's your chance to have a speaking role in a feature film shooting in Orlando, FL.

What makes this different than a "Casting Call"?

This isn't a casting call because we aren't picking you for your talent as an actor, in fact you don't have to submit a video of any kind! THIS IS YOUR BREAK! There aren't many of them in this industry! Trust us! (we will announce other casting submission information on the Facebook page and the website in October)

Check out our Director's Reel! You may see several people you've seen before!

Director Jose Zambrano Cassella's next film is now in Pre-Production! This is your chance to work with talented professionals in the film industry with several years of experience and education.

Take a look at Jose's last film he Directed in Florida! The Sacred. It went to theaters, DVD, and aired on The Chiller Network several times!

What's the catch?

Although we'd love to have the budget and the time to film everyone that submits their name... it is unrealistic. Imagine if we did that, would you watch a film like that? So if there is a catch, this is it! We can only pick TWO people.

SUBMIT your head shot & full body shot AND a brief explanation for why you should be chosen. On October 1, 2014 the Producers and Director will choose TWO of you to be in the film with speaking roles! (No, you won't be the stars of the film, but this should help you get your start!) Go to (go to the Submit your Photo and email today)

Cast yourself!
Cast yourself!

SUBMISSION RULES: (yes, everyone has them)

1. You must go to the Facebook Fan Page and like it. After all, you should support the film you are going to be in! RIGHT?

2. You must send us an email with a color photo of you and small "bio" about you. (Training, school, experience, etc...) Don't worry, you don't have to have experience but you must state "I don't have experience, but I'd like to try!"

3. You must be 18 or older OR if under 18 your parent or legal guardian MUST sign a release and waiver prior to filming. (NO the role will not have nudity, or profanity) If the release and waiver aren't signed we will pick someone else.

4. Due to the filming location's actual isolated location. You will have to get yourself to Orlando. You'll be on set for one day only. (We will feed you and treat you like a STAR while you're on set and of course, you'll be invited to the premier!)

5. You must follow the guidelines and conduct yourself in an appropriate manor while on set. (No drugs, alcohol, disrespect, etc...) This is a professional production with professional Cast and Crew. (It's sad, that this isn't obvious for some people)

6. Please, submit the truth. Whatever you say in your plea, make sure it's true.

7. Follow the directions....they are extremely important. Don't miss even one.

8. Last but not least, you must help promote the film. Share, like, talk, etc... The more people that know about IN THE DARK the better your career will be! And of course, ours too. (Thanks for your help!)

Finally, Why are we doing this?

Simple, the more people talking about our film the better it is for everyone. So if we can help you while your helping us, why not?! That's the American way and it's the right thing to do.


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