ByJerome Maida, writer at
Jerome Maida

With a "Painkiller Jane" film scheduled to hit the big screen, this comic book adaptation to film has an advantage most don't.

One of the character's co-creators, Jimmy Palmiotti,is co-writing the screenplay.

"I love the character and after all these years, with so many other comic characters coming out, I still feel there is nothing like her on the market", says Palmiotti. "I still have many stories to tell and feel I barely broke the surface with the character."

Palmiotti, who is writing new comic book adventures for "Painkiller Jane" for Marvel's ICON imprint, will also serve as a producer on the film adaptation of his hit comic book series about a female vigilante who gains superpowers after suffering a near fatal accident.

The comic has been adapted twice before, once as a made-for-TV movie that greatly differed from its comic book roots, and then as a short-lived TV series, which Palmiotti also wrote for.

It seems the third time will be the charm, as Palmiotti seems both excited and determined to bring his extremely violent character and the world she inhabits to a bigger audience, while working with a bigger budget and prove "Painkiller Jane" deserves her shot at the big screen.


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