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Aminia Junior Swaggie

The rumors are that Sylvester Stallone will close the circle with the last Rambo movie. The title will mirror the first film, who was called First Blood: the 5th part of the series appears to already have a name, which is Rambo: Last Blood.

Sylvester Stallone: ”I’m getting ready for that. I’m starting to work out. I’m going to be appropriately vicious and all that stuff, but intellectual. A killer with a heart. Smart, yet stupid. Tall, yet short. Broad, but thin. You know what I mean. We’re going to try to cover all the boundaries.

Besides acting, the action star will also sit in the director’s chair.

These things considered, we can hardly wait for other news - Rambo surprised everybody in 2008, being also a box-office success (a moderate one, with more than $100 million world-wide on a $50 million budget).


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