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After 25 weeks on the Japanese Box-Office Chart, [Frozen](movie:411685) is finally done in theaters worldwide. The Disney animated musical became a phenomenon both here and abroad. In the United States, it became the first film to finish in the Top 10 on the box-office chart for 17 straight weekends since 2002's "Chicago".

That goes a long way in explaining why a film most felt would be lucky to match the domestic take of "Wreck-It Ralph" ($189.4 million) and would likely fall short of the domestic take of "Tangled" ($200 million) wound up with an astounding domestic haul of $400 million.

"Frozen" did huge business around the globe. In retrospect audiences, wherever it played, responded to the same qualities that enchanted American audiences. Led by the incredible popularity of Idina Manzel's "Let It Go", the music was catchy. At the same time, story was morally nuanced enough that adults seemed to enjoy it as well as children. And then there’s the fact that "Frozen" revolves around the relationship between strong, commanding female characters who defy the “Disney princess” stereotype .

However, nowhere on Earth was "Frozen" more popular than in Japan. It spent an astounding 16 straight weeks as the #1 movie there. It then spent another 9 weeks on the charts there, before falling off this past weekend.


In all, "Frozen" grossed an incredible $249 million in Japan during it's theatrical run, behind only "Spirited Away and "Titanic" there. Japan’s "Frozen" box-office receipts have contributed 19% of worldwide earnings, second in the world behind the US’s 32%, even though Japan has less than half the population of the US.

Additionally, even though the film wasn't released in Japan until March 2014,it only took until early May for "Frozen" to blow past "Avatar" to become the most successful 3D film in Japan ever.

As if that weren't enough, the "Frozen" soundtrack topping Billboard Japan’s “Top Albums” rankings for Nov. 2013-Jun. 2014.

In fact, "Frozen" has Japan to thank for pushing it up the All-Time Worldwide Box-Office Chart. If it had done as well as "Maleficent", the film that finally pushed it out of the top spot after 16 weeks, then it would have grossed $63 million there - not too shabby - and would have been right around the Worldwide Gross for "The Dark Knight Rises" at #10 on the All-Time Chart.

Thanks to Japan's incredible box-office take for the film, however, "Frozen" easily blew past that film, "Skyfall", "The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King", and "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon".

It then not only passed "Iron Man 3", which was $92 million away, but did so comfortably, besting it by $59 million.

So, "Frozen" is the fifth most popular film on the All-Time World Box-Office Chart, and has just stopped making money in theaters 10 months after it was first released in the U.S. and months after it has been available on DVD. Incredible.


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