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Arrow returns to the CW in a few short weeks, and in anticipation of the newest season, TV Line have released five new stills from the show.

Two of the images could easily have been taken from the first two seasons, showing Felicity, Oliver and Diggle in the lair, but it's nice to see that with all the other changes to the show, some things will never change. "Team Arrow" is still going strong, and I'm glad that we will still have Felicity and Diggle as the anchors for Oliver.


That said, there are some big changes going on with the three of them; as well as Olicity being given a fighting chance, the new season will see Diggle with a baby! We knew at the end of the last one that Diggle's ex wife/current love interest was pregnant, so with a seven month time-gap between seasons, now we will see them with a newborn.

Obviously, this is going to change things for Diggle, and his place in the team will be challenged. We know that he will argue with Oliver, who no longer wants to put the new dad in the line of danger, but Diggle won't want to be held back, or to risk Oliver's safety. I'm also sure that Lyla will have something to say about Diggle's late-night adventures when she is at home with the baby, and it's going to make for some fascinating developments in John's character.

Finally, we get some more shots of Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer (aka The Atom), looking dapper in his suit. So far, not too much is known about how this new character will play out in the show - he is a bidder for Queen Consolidated (with a focus on the Applied Sciences division) so he will theoretically be going up against Oliver for control of the company. However, we do not know whether he is already The Atom, or whether we will see his transformation within the series. Either way, he looks good in a suit, and is sure to make Oliver's daytime life a little more interesting.

[Arrow](series:720988) returns to the CW on October 8th


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