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Before I had posted an article about this on moviepilot on IGN's rumoured report that RDJ playing the medieval artist Leonardo Da Vinci in the upcoming film Assassins Creed, it has been deleted as I came to find out on Moviepilot as I released this articles circa 2 days from now and I was quite disappointed that the article was deleted even though there has been a lot of fake information about movies to garner views floating around in the site that deleting and picking on mine is just mind boggling even though I did mention it was a rumour.

Now back to the article...

IGN has released a report that RDJ was part of the cast list in the upcoming Assassin's creed movie, even though it is unlikely for 2015 as I am sure that RDJ will have a lot of commitments to promote Marvel movies such as Ant Man but also to further pursue other acting, producing or directing roles in films in general, but RDJ would be perfect to play a smart and fairly offset character like Da Vinci as they share characteristics like Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark, the latter an inventor which is the role Da Vinci will play. So if there is a Da vinci in the cast it is more likely Michael Fassbender as picked the Ezio Auditore storyline, so expect Italy more specifically Rome in the confines of the story, and also expect an explanation of the Hidden Blade similar to what was in the game.

I am hesitantly waiting for the movie as it needs to be released next year but as of yet I have not seen any set pieces except that Fassbender is developing a story line and Justin Kuzel (indie film director, Snowtown and The Turning) is set to be the director , but the movie is to be released next year August 2015 and it wouldn't be a bad idea to give the audience at least a tease at what the costume or the cast looks like. It would also have been great if Fassbender and the producers had set up a booth in Comic Con to explain how they are going to take on the movie and some ideas they have, as they have alot to live up to on a very lucrative gaming franchise. Unfortunately the only cast in the film that has been confirmed is Michael Fassbender as Desmond Miles and thats all according to the IMDB page, I am fairly surprised as films to be released in 2016 such as Batman V. Superman has been fairly teased with pictures on set and video's of the Batmobile in action as of late. As a Assassin's creed fan I guess the only reliable thing to look forward to this franchise is the game and not a movie which is probably going to be pushed to early 2016. I think the producers really need to lift their game and try to market to the audience with at least pictures before it becomes a box office failure when it could earn millions especially in markets where assassin's creed is popular like middle east as such.

[Assassin's Creed](movie:437814) is set to be released August 7 2015


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