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After the disappointment the 2011 movie was, Green Lantern’s cinematic future has been uncertain! While most of the fans wished for a reboot, there were others who wanted a sequel—a sequel very different in tone from DC’s first attempt...

Geoff Johns
Geoff Johns

At a recent Los Angeles Q&A for the release of Forever Evil, a fan grabbed the opportunity to ask Geoff Johns, DC’s Chief Creative Officer and main man, about the possibilities of having a rebooted film with the iconic space guardian. The acclaimed comic book writer answered without revealing too many secrets:

"There's always talk of everything. I can't talk about anything else."

It’s more than obvious that he didn't want to go further and show his hand! From what he said, it seems that the Green Lantern film isn't in the cards for now!

Although we’re not getting a solo film anytime soon, we’ll probably see GL in the very promising upcoming Justice League flick. If I had to guess, I’d say that we're going to see Green Lantern's own movie way after the release of Justice League, near 2020.

Also, rumor has it that instead of a solo film, we’re getting a crossover between him and the notorious scarlet speedster, the Flash! It’s an interesting idea, and if it ends up happening, it will probably serve as a reboot to the character!

For all of the Hal Jordan/John Stewart/Kyle Rayner/ Guy Gardner (God, they’re many!) fans out there who are worried that we might never get a film with the green space ranger after 2011’s letdown, remember that the hero is one of the most important players in the DC stories and one of John’s favorite characters. It’s no secret that he has a soft spot for him since he’s been working on Hal Jordan for many years.

"Fear is such an anchor on everybody. To explore a superhero that just takes fear and obliterates it, and then is inspired by other people that do it -- for me, that's really interesting, because I have my own fears, and I have my own inhibitions. Sitting up here and talking to a bunch of people is a little scary. But you kind of just have to do it. All of us, the fact that we go out of bed and we go do stuff -- we're overcoming fear to some extent to even go outside the house."

Johns also mentioned Sinestro, Green Lantern's archenemy! When he was asked about his favorite villain, he answered:

" Sinestro's the one I spent the most time with, probably. I think Captain Cold is always going to have a place in my heart"

Are you excited about Green Lantern’s second appearance on the big screen? Did you like Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan? Should they replace him with another actor? Should they write Jordan out of the movies and have John Stewart take his place? Leave your answers down below and let me know!


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