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Batman....Arguably the best superhero of all time of Marvel and DC. The legacy of Batman movies so far...Average ranging from the take it with a grain of salt to oh my god this is awesome. I'm talking about The Batman movies from 1989 to the more recent Nolan verse. To future generations how will they look back at those previous movies compared to the Batfleck...who knows and that's what i want to talk about. How DC can maximize their opportunity to blow all other Batman incarnations out of the books.

First include a Batman solo movie in their current slate so some reworking of the slate will be needed so Green Lantern / Cyborg can be put on hold. Also once this happens DC must have not just 1 but at least 2 over there Movie Universe. These Batman movies need to be worked so they are, perfect for every fan boy no arguments not a sound from any critic. And this is how DC can do it post Batman vs Superman.....

Adapt A Comic

Very risky it could send fan boys into happiness or into complete utter rage. DC needs to ignore all this. Take the risk in my opinion of adapting 2 of Batman's greatest comic story lines. They don't have to connect the two comics story lines, the years don't have to match as long as it all suits the universe and makes sense that's all that matters. I have edited the story lines to suit the length of a movie and add a different element so there is some surprise in the movie for the people who knows the comics back to front. I have tried to change them not to much but enough that it still matters in the overall larger scheme: The Justice League.

1. A Combination Of Batman Court & Night Of Owls

The first movie would be set around an organisation called the court of owls planning to fulfill their 100+ year old goal of taking over Gotham one thing standing in there way the Batman. Targeting the allies/ friends of Batman the allies fend off the court only when Batman sacrifices himself resulting in Batman being tortured for 8 days before he escapes the man torturing him William Cobb and escaping the court with a sonar device on his belt on his own.

The Sequel would be set straight after as Batman returns to the cave injured and would fight off the court in an armored suit resulting in the owls killing William Cobb one of their own in frustration. A dying Cobb tells him that Dick Grayson (Nightwing) knowing who Batman it was meant to be one of them but Bruce’s adoption stopped it before dying. The court awakens all of their Talons and target the citizens of Gotham. Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Commissioner Gordon protect the Mayor and patients of Arkham. Batman finds the court all poisoned to death where they tortured him. He is ambushed by Lincoln March a mayoral candidate saying he believes himself to be Thomas Wayne jnr. They start to fight across the skies of Gotham in a fight dubbed owl to bat by March, he dies in an explosion meant for Bruce. Back at the cave, without DNA he couldn't prove e or discount March’s claims but is confident he was full of it. The movie ends with Batman on a gargoyle as the Bat signal turns on.

2. Batman: A Death In The Family

Batman and Robin (Jason Todd) develop issues resulting in them arguing and Batman questioning his integrity and that of his parents. Jason leaves in anger looking for his mother finding her in Ethiopia but has to defeat Lady Shiva (who was holding her captive) with Batman. Joker later kidnap’s the pair whilst Batman is fighting henchman miles away. He beats Jason with a crow bar whilst he was tied up to an inch of his life and leaving a bomb in the building. Jason can’t open the door as Joker has it locked; Batman arrives second late as the bomb explodes. Jason attempted to save his mother diving on her but she dies mortally wounded.

Bruce covers it up in Gotham, Joker is ushered into the Iranian Government as there representative for the UN conference. Superman meets Batman and tries to stop him from making an international incident but Batman just argues and punches him across the jaw. Joker gas fills the room as his speech starts; Superman enters sucking up the gas and leaving. Batman and Joker fight towards a helicopter, where the pilot is shot dead by a henchman who lost control of his gun whilst falling out of the copter they are crashing as Batman grabs Joker and jumps out as the copter explodes. Joker’s body is missing and Batman says to Superman everything between him and Joker ends the same, unresolved. He contemplates the loss of Jason back at the cave to end the movie.

*Extra Credits Scene (to lead to a sequel, see below): Talia would be seen leaving a grave with a body on their shoulder saying into a phone, Father i have the boy (as a light shines on the tombstone: Jason Todd)

3. Batman Under The Hood

Batman is chasing a mysterious man calling himself the Red Hood who is taking down the mobs of Gotham in the style of Batman but with a difference, he kills. Black Mask is the last to be targeted and even the Suicide Squad can’t protect him when Batman assists the Red Hood believing he can help him. He interrogates Joker with Nightwing who only laughs and teases he killed Robin but the original is always better (referring to Nightwing). Ra's Al Ghul comes to the Batcave and reveals he hired Joker to distract Batman and had him ushered into the Iranian Government so he could be an informant for the league into the UN. Batman punches Ra's who says he took Jason’s body to make up for it and tried to bring him back through the pit but he came out a changed man a crazy man, he leaves. He realizes he had fought with Jason that night in the graveyard (Batman Hush Storyline) and it wasn't Clay face but he somehow managed to switch places near the end of the fight. Joker is kidnapped out of Arkham and Black Mask is found dead in the alley where he met Jason.

Bruce finds Jason there they fight back to building where Joker is beaten on the floor crow bar covered in blood. Jason tells Batman to choose giving him a gun he turns and says no he throws a Batarang into Jason’s hand when Jason missed a shot at him with his gun he grabs Jason and jumps out the building knowing it was rigged (thanks to Batgirl telling him in his ear piece from the cave). Jason is nowhere to be found only his burning jacket and Red Hood mask, Joker covered under rubble laughing. Batman goes back to the cave where he puts the red hood gear in the case with Jason’s Robin costume as Alfred, Nightwing, Batgirl and Batman stare at it to end the movie.

4. Batman Hush

Batman sustains a head injury whilst on pursuit of Killer Croc who is holding a boy hostage; Catwoman also has an angle. He is saved by Huntress and later his childhood friend Thomas Elliott a brain surgeon. He recovers and defeats Poison Ivy twice once saving Catwoman and the other Superman (In Metropolis) using a kryptonite ring and saves the boy from Croc. He reveals his identity to Selina Kyle who he knows is Catwoman, they start a relationship. Thomas Elliott is shot dead by the Joker at the theater where Bruce and Selina were attending. He tells Dick (Nightwing) that his villains are acting out of character (a man in bandages is seen watching them at the funeral, and throughout the movie). Riddler robs a bank foiled by Batman and Nightwing and when they take Talia Al Ghul hostage so they can get in contact with Ra's who sends Lady Shiva to retrieve her. She brings Huntress and they intend to only kill Catwoman who is saved by Talia and also Batman and Nightwing when they return to the cave. Ra's appears saying a man used the pit from Batman’s past and he doesn't know who it s but he is dangerous. Batman even faces Jason Todd who kidnapped the current Robin (Tim Drake) the deceased Robin but it is later revealed to be Clay face.

A man calling himself Hush arrives in the cave taking out Catwoman, Alfred, Robin and Nightwing says he has been watching them (Bruce realizes he had seen him out of the corner of his eye at crime scenes). He blames Bruce for ruining his life as his parents saved Hush’s parents who anted their inheritance, he realizes it is Elliott reborn they fight across Gotham where a recently released Harvey Dent shoots Elliott in the head killing him. He later realizes Riddler who has cancer used the pit is behind it, he finds him and Riddler calls him Bruce saying he didn't intend to use Elliott but he did. Batman convinces him not to tell anyone of his identity because the league of assassins would kill him because Ra's would know that he was the one who used the pit. Batman meets Catwoman seeing he is distressed she says “Hush” and try’s to kiss him to which Batman reacts in an angry manner and Catwoman ends the relationship saying it started as a spell but they will one day trust each other, Batman says it may be possible.

(Partially setting up The Under The Red Hood story line (movie). This could be a second movie in three but highly unlikely...But who knows, it would be 2, 4, 3.

5. Batman The Man Who Laughs

A murderer is on the loose and Arkham Asylum is to be reopened in days. The dead bodies are coming up with wide red lipstick smiles on them, a reporter dies on TV announcing the reopening of Arkham in the same way. The killer walks on screen and promises to kill billionaire Henry Claridge at midnight, Batman crashes through Claridge’s window but is to late. He now promises to kill Jay W Wilde at midnight, Batman deduces it is a time released poison but Joker (named this by the media) personally comes and drops gas bombs filled with the poison and the second does kills him Joker escapes Batman. Batman disguises himself and goes to ACE Chemicals learns a man recently fired had died the hairs on his arms green and his seen was becoming a pale white. Joker promises to kill Thomas Lake and Bruce Wayne. Bruce starts to laugh hysterically in the evening but is saved by Alfred. Bruce recovers in an Ambulance he defeats henchman attacking his ambulance and dons his Batman gear when the Bat mobile arrives.

He tells Gordon via radio that he needs to contact the Gotham reservoir believing Joker wants to put the poison into the water supply he has no answer, Gordon saves Lake. Batman races to the reservoir, defeats Henchman and meets Joker who presses a button releasing the poison into the water supply, Batman triggers a bomb explosive that dam’s the reservoir, he engages in short fight disarming Joker of his hammer and defeating him. He grabs Joker and almost drops him into the water but lets him live and Joker is sent to Arkham. Gordon meets Batman on the roof of the GCPD building and reveals a new Bat Signal.

6. Batman The Killing Joke

Joker wants to prove what one bad day can do to a man; it starts with his origin story and moves to when he fell in the chemicals at ACE Chemicals whilst portraying the Red Hood in his first criminal outing. Back Present Day he kidnaps Commissioner James Gordon and puts him in a cage naked in a rundown amusement park, he visits Barbara Gordon shooting her in the spine paralyzing her. He forces Gordon to view pictures he took of his now paralyzed Daughter. He puts Gordon in the freak show cage calling it the average man weak doomed to insanity.

Batman searches for days for his friend until he gets an idea from Barbara when he visits her in her hospital bed. He saves Gordon at the amusement park who tells Batman to get him by the book (retaining his moral code) which Batman agrees to. He goes through Henchman and traps, meeting with Joker telling him Gordon survived and he is alone in his madness. Batman tries to reach out to Joker fearing that their battle result in one of them dying. Joker declines saying it is too late for that and that the situation reminds him of a joke. Batman chuckles matching the Joker's maniacal laugh as GCPD arrive on the scene.

7. Batman Arkham Asylum A Serious House On A Serious Earth

The inmates of Arkham take over Arkham resulting in James Gordon contacting Batman. Gordon tells him they will kill hostages unless Batman meets with those he as put away as well as Dr. Charles Cavendish, Arkham’s administrator and therapist Ruth Adams, Batman heads off to Arkham. He first defeats a mentally unstable Two Face who has been ruined by his therapist who took his coin and replaces it with things with more of a chance instead of a 50/50 result. Joker gives Batman an hour to defeat them and escape Arkham or they will kill him, but changes the time and the villains hunt down Batman. He defeats Killer Croc and Clay face and sustains significant injuries.

Batman finds Cavendish targeting Adams with a razor blade and hears a story from Amadeus Arkham diary, and Cavendish is continuing his work to kill the evil bat spirit that haunted his Amadeus mother. Cavendish believes this to be Batman they struggle until Adams pick up the razor Cavendish dropped and slashes Cavendish’s throat. Joker offers to end his misery to which Batman says Two Face should decide chucking him his coin, to which he flips and declares Batman free. Batman disappears into the night as GCPD arrive. The movie ends with Two Face looking at the coin revealing it landed scratched side up (the side meant to make Batman die) and Two Face had let Batman go of his free will. He picks up his tarot cards and recites a passage from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "Who cares for you? You're nothing but a pack of cards".

Adapt An Animated Movie

Some of the most intriguing Batman story lines are in my opinion from animated movies. These are the riskiest options i will present you with. They would have to most likely almost double the length which means re-working the plot which could ruin the movie, a risk DC should definitely consider taking.

1. Batman Mask Of The Phantasm

Gangsters are dropping all over Gotham and Batman is getting the blame as the murderer dresses similar to him, James Gordon is the only public face to back the Batman in as a hero, not a killer. The remaining gangsters of Gotham hire the Joker to take down Batman. All this involves Bruce’s past where he was in love and was to marry a woman named Andrea Beaumont but it didn't work out and he became Batman. She returns to town at the same time as the killings and reconnects with Bruce and they fall in love again and she learns his identity. It is later revealed by Joker that she is the killer culminating in a fight between Andrea, Joker and Batman, where she disappears and Joker and Batman fight it out in the abandoned world fair sight. Andrea returns when the pair are down and takes Joker, as Batman begs her not to cross the line. Bruce struggles to recover when finding a locket containing a photo of them from 10 years ago which she left in the cave. The movie ends showing her on a ocean liner standing alone, whilst Bruce on a Gotham rooftop dons his mask as the Bat Signal turns on.

2. Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero

Victor Freeze no longer Mr. Freeze, realizes he can’t save his wife life after there is an accident at the home where he was trying to bring her out of status. He returns to Gotham and bribes an old friend to help him and they find a donor who is alive Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). They target her while she is away with Dick Grayson (Robin) and he kidnaps her. Batman and Robin track down many leads and eventually get information leading them to find out she is going to be used for a live transplant that would kill her and they learn she is on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. They fight Freeze and his polar bears, after his friend Doctor Gregory Belson turns on him pushing him under falling rubble breaking his leg. Batman and Barbara save Nora and a boy named Kunac; Batman goes back alone and tells Robin to leave without him.

He tries to save Freeze with his grapple but a rock falls on his shoulder and he lets go of the grapple and Freeze falls to his death in the giant crack in the floor where he had been resting his leg. Batman uses his other grapple to hook onto the Batwing as the rig explodes narrowly escaping. Freeze is shown two weeks later in the arctic with the polar bears watching a news broadcast outside a weather station from Gotham that says Bruce Wayne payed for Nora to be saved and she has woken and is stable in hospital, he hobbles away as they start to talk about Batman and the death of Victor Freeze.

An Original Idea.

Very risky but also a very rewarding option because if DC can create a story that has never been done before with Batman and tie it into the DCCU whilst still making it a Batman movie and not a straight out team up movie with another Super (like Superman) it would be awesome.


1) Scarecrow has Gotham under his control with his fear toxin on Halloween, Batman and Robin are seen as demonic creatures by the citizens of Gotham and they are attacked, and on top of it all James Gordon has just become police commissioner and is yet to fully trust the Dark Knight.

2) James Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya are up for Murder, Batman and Robin are there only chance to catch the real murderer Black Mask. The dynamic duo has to delve into the Gotham underworld to find the evidence they need they get help from Bruce's friend Dr. Leslie Thompkins and from an unlikely source in Rupert Thorne.

3) A movie where Batman fights the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller after they are keeping Nightwing captive for a crime he didn't commit. James Gordon uses an old contact to get information on a possible location to help Batman and his daughter Barbara Gordon who he learns is Batgirl when she’s distraught about the possible loss of Dick, telling her father about her “night life”.

4) Batman meets a mysterious man who knows Robin has disappeared and proposes a team up when Batman asks why he says his daughter Talia is missing as well and the same person has them, Batman realizes this is Ra's Al Ghul, Talia’s legendary father. It is all a con to get Batman to be the heir to Ra's to take over the League and he refuses resulting in Ra's becoming hostile saying he will only release Talia and Dick knowing Batman is Bruce Wayne if he fights him, which he does and is the first person to defeat Ra's but he spares him. (the fight is shirtless a tribute to the comic story line, also the movie would have a lot of elements of the “Demons Quest Part 1&2” from Batman The Animated Series)

5) A movie where Batman teams up with Green Arrow to fight the League of Assassins, after they are attacked by assassins at a business meeting between them. It is particularly awkward as Bruce hasn't seen Talia since when she kissed him when they first met many months earlier.

6) After Wonder Woman disappears, Batman teams up with Zatanna to find Wonder Woman and battle the gods of Themyscira and Circe to save her, elements of the JLU episode “This Little Piggy”. But elements such as her being a pig are not present.

7) Joker has taken over Gotham with his lover Harley Quinn, they escape the dynamic duo. Robin (Tim Drake) is on patrol and gets taken by Joker and Harley Quinn, a video plays over Gotham of Robin being tortured and beaten (a striking resemblance to Barbara Gordon’s flashback in “Batman Beyond Return of the Joker”). It cuts to Robin live and beaten Joker promises to reveal his identity unless Batman reveals his to him on live TV in 12 hours. Batman meets Joker on TV saves Robin without revealing his identity all though he was very close but thanks to Nightwing and Batgirl swinging in saving Robin leaving Batman to face Joker who he defeats and returns to Arkham along with Harley.

8) Batman is injured in a fight with League of Assassins members and he returns to his roots and trains with Wildcat and teams with Katana to fight the League of Assassins and later Ra's Al Ghul.

9) Batman and Nightwing fight the Riddler who has taken Batgirl hostage and has bombs placed over Gotham, the original dynamic duo only have hours to save Gotham and their Allie.

10) Batman fights Two Face, alongside Robin and Batgirl resulting in their capture and being used as bait. Batman must save his sidekicks whilst dealing with a new romantic interest Talia Al Ghul who aids him and James Gordon in saving his allies.

So which of these ideas do you think would be best to follow [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


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