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We already have our Justice League with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern (yet to be cast), Cyborg, Aquaman and Shazam (yet to be cast). We also have the Suicide Squad Movie Boomerang, Deadshot, Enchantress, Rick Flag, Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and Joker. Along with other characters like Lex Luthor, Alfred, Lois Lane, Mercy Graves and Perry White the DC Cinematic Universe is slowly taking shape. A shape that unfortunately won’t have the rapidly expanding DC Tv Universe which is based around the CW with shows "Arrow" and "Flash" in it so we will have the replacement Flash in Ezra Miller not Grant Gustin and if we get a Green Arrow it won’t be the incredible version played by Stephen Amell. Not to mention shows like Supergirl, The Arrow/ Flash spin off and Titans which all could add so much we must do with out for better or worse. I’ll pick 10 heroes and 10 villains along with 2 characters who blur the lines, altering some of their origin stories. As well as some suggested Easter Egg characters that will not be acted on but will get us excited anyway.

10 Heroes:

• Nightwing: Identity: Richard Grayson. His parents died during their circus act. He is orphaned and Bruce Wayne witnessed the death and adopts Dick. He becomes the first Robin forming the Dynamic Duo, inseparable from Batman but after leading the teen titans he realizes in his mind flaws in Bruce/ Batman and doesn't want to be in Batman’s shadow anymore and moves on and protects another city Bludhaven as Nightwing whilst teaming with the Titans, and occasionally aiding Batman, Batgirl (his romantic interest) and the Justice League.

• Green Arrow: Identity: Oliver Jonas Queen. After Years as a spoilt brat he was involved in a boating accident where his father sacrificed himself he went missing after being found 5 years later on an island he returned home as a changed man and became a vigilante wielding a bow and being called by media the Green Arrow. He protects star city and eventually gets a sidekick a partner known as the Speedy and later Red Arrow (Roy Harper). He also falls in love with Dinah Laurel Lance best known as the Black Canary they fight crime together. He has shown the ability that he knows many forms of martial arts, some skill in sword fighting and his main skill archery (he claims to be able to shoot 29 arrows a minute in the sound of violence story arc) he uses a wide variety of trick arrows to aide his crusade.

• Batgirl: Identity: Barbara Gordon. The young red head daughter of James Gordon, always wanting to be a cop but not being aloud she does the next best thing becomes a crime fighter known as Batgirl she aligns herself with Gotham’s already well known protectors Batman and the original first Robin (Dick Grayson) who she had been seeing but didn't know about his secret until the revealed their identities to each other. A tech genius (best hacker in all of DC) and a very well trained in martial arts. She was shot in the spine by the Joker and became Oracle bound to a wheelchair for almost 20 years till she regained the ability to walk through a trip to a “certain pit” and trained with the bat family and ted grant (wildcat) to become Batgirl again.

• Supergirl: Identity: Kara Zor-El. The last survivor of Argo City she crashes on Earth after years she comes out of status and shows the same powers as her famous cousin Superman (Kal-El), after a long time of hiding her powers she embraces them and with the help of Superman she takes up the role of Supergirl and helps Clark and the Justice League on occasions fight different forms of villainy.

• Red Robin: Identity: Tim Drake. He became an orphan like the other incarnations of Robin at a young age. At age 9 he deduced the identities of Batman and Robin after seeing Robin and remembering an acrobatic move performed by Dick Grayson of the flying Grayson’s who he saw as a very young boy. After learning of what happened to the second Robin and realizing that Batman was becoming reckless and violent he approaches Batman, who enlists him as the third Robin after the death of his mother and crippling of his father, who would die a few years later at the hands of Captain Boomerang. He changed his name to the Red Robin years later.

• Black Canary: Identity: Dinah Laurel Lance. A woman who has a genetic mutation giving her the power to produce loud sonic screams referred to as the canary cry. A highly skilled martial artist, it is often said she could outfight Batman. She uses this ability to fight crime and shares romantic feelings with Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and helps him in his heroic adventures as well as helping the Justice League. She was partly trained by Ted Grant better known as Wildcat.

• Katana: Identity: Tatsu Yamashiro. A Japanese girl with brilliant skills in martial arts and her ability to wield a sword. Brothers Maseo and Takeo professed love for her she chose Maseo, years on Takeo and Maseo had a fight where Maseo was killed by Takeo. Tatsu arrived to see her husband die she engaged Takeo and quickly gained the upper hand but heard her husband’s voice from the sword saying to save the children. She trained under a man named Tadashi and then left for America under the code name Katana named after the sword she wields (also known as the soul taker sword) which holds her husband’s soul for many years. Years later she exacted her revenge killing Takeo some months later in Gotham City.

• Hawkgirl: Identity: Shayera Hol. Reincarnated as Shayera Hol originally Princess Chay-Ara who was in love with Prince Khufu (Hawkman, Carter Hall) they both died at the hands of an Egyptian priest Hath-set. After being reincarnated with Hawkman she aids him in getting revenge and using nth metal to create a gravity defying belt and donning winged costume like Hawkman. She has enhanced strength and does not protect a chosen city but often aids the dc heroines and Hawkman in their missions as well as the League.

• Zatanna: Identity: Zatanna Zatara. The Daughter of legendary magician Giovanni “John” Zatara. She is both a stage magician and real magician who often work’s with the most powerful users of magic in DC Universe (Doctor Fate, John Constantine and Captain Marvel). She says all spells back to front. She also has a special connection to Batman knowing Bruce Wayne as a child when he was training for his mission they shared a crush for each other, but know they can’t be together because of Bruce’s dedication to his cause.

• Wildcat: Identity: Ted Grant. A very well skilled boxer and a vigilante before there was Batman but after losing his sidekick he retires. He then focuses on his boxing business but trains dc identity’s such as Bruce Wayne, Dinah Lance etc before they were heroes and he knows who they are. He returns to his vigilante crusade at a later age due to the magical nine lives spell he has on him, he helps his different dc heroes and the justice league.

10 Villains:

• Darkseid: Identity: Uxas. A former farmer who hated his gods and tricked them into war and kills them once their weakened destroying his world and re-forming it as Apokolips. He has Omega Beams which follow the target and can disintegrate him, can trap people in alternate realities, has super speed and strength his strength can only be challenged by Superman, Doomsday and Orion. He can also use his telepathy and telekinesis to control others, has shown the ability of flight in some movies and is immortal and has lived for 700 thousand years.

• Professor Zoom/ Reverse Flash: Identity: Eobard Thawne. A man who idealized the Flash in the 25th century he recreates the incident that gave Barry his powers and uses the cosmic treadmill to go back in time to meet his idol but the travel puts his mind under stress upon finding that he will become the reverse flash and kill his idol he loses it and fights the Flash family who send him back without memory but he regains it and becomes the Reverse Flash. He has the same abilities as the Flash and is often considered to be faster but has no idea how to use the powers to its full capabilities. He can create multiple images of himself and unlike other speedsters can go back in time without dramatic consequences.

• Brainiac: Identity: Vril Dox. After his home planet is destroyed and he cant save Krypton. Brainiac becomes the collector of worlds and starts to miniaturize worlds into small bottles. He takes special interest in Superman believing all Kryptonian's to be dead, he is a master of technology and mechanical engineering, has a 12th level intellect, enhanced memory and uses his shrink ray/ force field belt to aid his criminal activities.

• Superboy-Prime: Identity Clark Kent, Kal El (Same As Superman). From the universe known as Earth-Prime hence his name, He is very powerful having all of Superman's abilities with his only weaknesses being exposure to the red sun/ a type of kryptonite only created by "threeboot" element lad (from earth primes future) and his fear of speedsters such as The Flash. He is one of the most powerful DC villains in all of DC history.

•Ra's Al Ghul: Identity: Ra's Al Ghul, Zift Al Boul. His name in Arabic says it all "The Demons Head". His goal is for the world to have perfect balance. He uses his league of assassins which he commands and has commanded for hundreds of years. He believes eliminating most of humanity is the answer usually with a genetic weapon. He has used a bath of rejuvenating chemicals known as the Lazarus pit to live for several centuries. One of Batman’s greatest villains he respects Batman and refers to him as detective and has often tried to make him his successor he deduced the identity of the Batman but keeps it a secret due to his respect for him and that his daughter Talia is very much in love with Gotham’s Dark Knight.

• Doomsday: Identity: None. He is a monster born from pure evil and the ancient depths of Krypton. He has died but returns as he only needs solar energy not food water or air to survive. He has been used by notable DC Villains Darkseid and Lex Luthor as a muse to kill Superman and did once only for Superman to live (1992 storyline Death of Superman). He has healing and strength abilities that challenge even Darkseid and can resist any form of attack by any DC character. He eventually became controllable by Kryptonite after a battle with Superman but it could not kill him.

• Vandal Savage: Identity: Vandal Savage. He gained his abilities after being exposed to unusual radiation generated by a crashed meteor before human history was recorded. He became immortal, and increases his natural speed, strength and stamina slightly. He can be scarred on the outside but not the inside, he is invulnerable to age, disease and fatigue.

• Deathstroke: Identity: Slade Wilson. (highly rumored to be played by Jim Patrick in the 2016 Suicide Squad movie) A villain sometimes referred to as an antihero. After learning many fighting techniques, Slade was picked for an experiment to create Meta human soldiers for the US military. He escapes and becomes a mercenary and also an assassin for hire. He is mainly a villain of the teen titans but is often depicted as an enemy of Batman and Green Arrow.

• Two Face: Identity: Harvey Dent. He is the youngest district attorney in Gotham's history at age 26. He works with Gordon and Batman to get rid of crime they target mobsters, Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone. The corrupt assistant district attorney Fields is hired by Falcone to disfigure Dent with sulfuric acid which he does, Harvey brings his abusive fathers coin out of storage and it destroys his mind eventually bringing him to the point that he can’t make simple decisions without the coin leaving everything with fate.

• Black Manta: Identity: David. No real origin story is given besides that he was a boy and kidnapped and forced to work on a ship he once saw Aquaman with some Dolphins and called for help but Aquaman didn't hear him. He eventually killed one of his tormentors and decided Aquaman must die because he saw himself as a better fit as king of the sea and knew he would need to kill Aquaman for this to happen. He is also the father of Aqualad.

Anti Heroes:

• Catwoman: Identity: Selina Kyle. A girl who’s mother committed suicide and her father drank himself to death. She became a dominatrix, after breaking away from this life for various reasons including a crime that happened to her sister. She learns various forms of martial arts and she becomes a Robin Hood style of thief/burglar and has somewhat of romantic feelings for the dark knight himself.

• Red Hood: Identity: Jason Todd. He is the former Robin, Batman's former sidekick. He died at the hands of the Joker beaten with a crowbar. Reincarnated by the Lazarus Pit as Ra's Al Ghul blamed himself, but Jason came out scarred and fled. Jason dons the Jokers old alter ego The Red Hood and goes after the criminals of Gotham killing them whilst using the techniques Batman taught him to spite his mentor who he despises for not killing the Joker because he killed him saying Bruce never cared about him.

I would also like to see these characters in cameos/ teases:

Booster Gold: Time traveler from 24th century, a larrikin but can be a great hero at times. Tried to save Batgirl from getting crippled by the Joker when he was travelling in time but found out after failing several times it was fate. Joker took photos of him which Batman obtained with the photos of Barbara naked after her sexual assault. Batman thanked him years later as did Dick Grayson. Also his robot Skeets would need to be there.

Blue Beetle: From ancient times a scarab of great power, it connects with Jaime Reyes its powerful alien technology fuses with him but he works with the scarab and harnesses its power for good. The Reach who developed it made it to take over the host so they could take over the world they were on with the power but Jaime’s scarab was damaged so it forms symbiotic relationship with him instead.

Kid Flash (Wally West): The first person besides Iris that Barry Allen revealed his identity to. He became a crime fighting speedster with Barry before retiring to focus on his normal life but some years later he returned to help Barry and once again joined the Teen Titans which now included Red Robin, Oracle (later Batgirl), Raven, Starfire, Ravager and Beast Boy.

Red Arrow/ Arsenal (Roy Harper): The young protégé of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), a well skilled archer and part weapons master. Once known as speedy he has alternated between the identities of Red Arrow and Arsenal. Oliver Queen adopted him after his father a medicine chief died. Years later he became speedy.

Mongul: The leader of his own alien race until a revolution occurred and he was exiled he kidnapped Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White and used them as bait for Superman and Supergirl who got the key to activate war world, he tries to kill the heroes but suffers massive mental strain due to controlling war world and evades the heroes.

Toyman: Really Winslow Schott he uses toy themed devices to commit crimes so he can buy more toys as he is a collector. He always dresses flamboyantly and his main creations are usually things like life sized wind up tanks, acid spraying guns and toy soldiers with real guns.

Mr.Freeze: Victor Freeze a former employee of Goth Corp after an interrupted experiment he almost loses his wife who was already terminally ill. He is injured and has to stay in a cryogenic suit forever to stay alive; he becomes a villain who uses a freeze gun to commit crimes to get money to keep his wife alive and to continue his research so he can save her.

Riddler; Edward Nygma a strained psychopath who carries a cane with a question mark such is his attire green with question marks all over it. He is smooth talking and obsessed with puzzles, riddles etc. He likes to inform the GCPD and Batman of his crimes through riddles before he does it as he loves the thrill.

Talia and Nyssa Al Ghul: The daughters of the legendary Rash Al Ghul the demons head and leader of the League of Assassins. Both well trained in various forms of hand to hand combat and weapons combat. Talia would be especially great due to her love with the Batman.

Hugo Strange: Highly rumored to appear in Suicide Squad in a particular juicy role he is a psychiatrist/ scientist of a particularly high intellect that matches the Batman. Such is that he was one of the very first villains to deduce the identity of The Batman. Batman eventually forces him to doubt his own conclusion about his revelation that Bruce Wayne was Batman before he could share it with Rupert Thorne, Penguin or Joker at an Auction.

Hawkman: The husband of Hawkgirl from Egyptian times where he fell victim to Egyptian priest Hathset. Reincarnated years later he uses a winged costume and a specially designed nth metal belt to fly and get revenge on him and fight crime with Hawkgirl and The Justice League.

Merlyn: An archer of such skill that he once beat Green Arrow in a contest in public before he became a villain years later where he had trained with the League Of Assassins during those years and now possess incredible strength and fighting skills to go with his archery. He rivals the Green Arrow and has had times against the Batman where he almost assassinated him only to be stopped by an arrow shot by Green Arrow where he admitted Green Arrow has become better than him but escaped capture.

Teen Titans: Yes I know this is a group but the chance to have the well-oiled team of Red Robin, Raven, Ravager, Starfire, Beast Boy and Red Arrow/ Arsenal referenced (via Deathstroke or more likely Nightwing/ Batgirl retelling a story) or even seen fighting as a team would be a real special moment in DC film history.

*Extra Note* I would love at the very end of a movie or in a mid/ after credits scene to see Amanda Waller talking to one of her scientists in the lab and they say “is the project a go”? And she would reply “yes” clearly showing the audience a file with the name McGinnis on it *she turns and starts walking away* “project Batman Beyond is a go”

I’d love to hear your thoughts: Characters you don’t want to be included, characters I've missed. Think the post was crap? Think it was great?. What would you add/ take away from the post? Any thoughts are welcome.


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