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In recent years, gamers have continually expressed their desires for big budget releases to push the envelope further and further each time. We've become jaded by rehashed formulas and overused gameplay dynamics, longing for something genuinely fresh and innovative.

Personally, I found Call of Duty: Ghosts to be a complete bore. The game wasn't awful but it lacked originality, connection with its audience and any kind of updated features to get excited over.

Now, while I can hardly see Sledgehammer Games revolutionising the entire genre with their latest release, I can certainly see it serving as a much needed breath of fresh air.

CoD Advanced Warfare: Gameplay to Rival Titanfall?

The recent release of Titanfall had quite an impact upon the modern shooter. Their updated form of navigation with wall-running abilities added a new dimension to the levels we traversed. Also, the chore mechanics of switching between the titan and the soldier had us continually analysing situations to determine the best course of action. It additionally forced us to do something that we hadn't experienced in years within this gaming formula: learn.

This updated form of movement had us excited to learn new tactics while playing a shooter. We delighted in the mastering of new skills and longed to put them to the test online. Advanced Warfare is set to benefit from this.

Sledgehammer Games introduce to us their newly designed exoskeletons. These suits enable the player to perform a number of combat efficient benefits such as cloaking, increased health or strength, the ability to spawn a shield and the power to boost up into the air. Take a look at some of the fun we can expect this will grant in multiplayer:

While this new suit and the introduction of some amazing new vehicles already seem indicative of a great new game, there are some changes to the general formula that may cause some concern.

While the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Advanced Warfare were developed by Sledgehammer Games, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions were lead by High Moon Studios (those responsible for the GOOD transformers games). This may give rise to some substantial alterations between the two generations, though not very likely. Still, I'm curious to see the performance differences.

This game took three years to develop as opposed to the usual two years gap we've become accustomed to. Though this change will more than likely bring about more achievements for the game rather than disadvantages.

While some may recognise that sledgehammer games may alter the identity of the franchise altogether I maintain that this development for [Call Of Duty](movie:1068472) will stand to them. They are at least attempting to rehash the safe formula that the games have become. I embrace this movement forward and hope that these new suits become something that we never understood how we played without.

Additionally, I hope that the plot is something which we can equally enjoy alongside the game's multiplayer. With the inclusion of Kevin Spacey in a seemingly toned-down-Frank-Underwood-role I can at least feel a twinge of excitement to see him in the gaming world!

Kevin Spacey star in CoD: Advanced Warfare
Kevin Spacey star in CoD: Advanced Warfare

We will always have the older games if we wish to return to original form, though the game does offer certain maps in which we can remain firmly on the ground without the exoskeletons benefits. I say it's about time that Advanced Warfare came along, this series needs to move with the times, I only wish that it replaced the boredom of Ghosts.

Advanced Warfare will be released on November 4 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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