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Section 1 (Things That Should Happen)

• The Lazarus Pit: In a recent interview conducted by Collider with Stephen Amell. He said The Lazarus Pit does basically exist...but it won't be used to revive Oliver Queen. I call bull, but if so i still want to see it in more detail mainly because it is the freaking Lazarus Pit one of the more legendary things in the DC Comics entirety.

• Ray Palmer going from smart, charming, rich businessman to a shrinking Superhero known as The Atom who will most likely aid The Arrow at some point in the second half of Arrow Season 3.

Will I lose an arm or call myself The Red Arrow...
Will I lose an arm or call myself The Red Arrow...

• Roy Harper (Arsenal) how he becomes a better wiser hero (not just a sidekick). The action in the extended left behind trailer (see above) has me really excited for when Oliver does return Roy's transformation from a street punk to hero will have taken giant steps.

• Really in depth look into how and who saves Oliver. The IMDB synopsis reads "After being revived by Merlyn, Oliver must escape Nanda Parbat with help from an unlikely source" Which Merlyn will be saving Oliver is the interesting question, Malcolm or a reborn Tommy. The unlikely source: Maseo/ Katana/ Malcolm/ Nyssa/ The Flash would be my picks.

Oliver is The Arrow...what??? Really You Didn't Know
Oliver is The Arrow...what??? Really You Didn't Know

• Thea asking Merlyn for a favor suspecting more about Oliver's disappearance that what she has been told in episode 10. In the episode 11 synopsis it says Merlyn says that Ra's is after his family and they must leave town. Thea surely will start to deduce that her brother she thinks is dead is The Arrow, learn from her father or hopefully from Oliver that he is The Arrow upon his return. (Possibly in a fight between the two of them in their respective costumes).

Section 2 (Things That Might Happen)

• Regardless of what happens between them if he saves Oliver it doesn't matter, we need a well choreographed 4 minute or so full on fight between the opposing archers of Star City in Malcolm Merlyn and our own Oliver Queen.

• An in depth look into how Maseo joined the League whilst looking at the origins of the League and Ra's himself. Also more importantly what happened to Katana (her appearance could bring some of this on).

• After Oliver's return to Star City to put his Green hoodie back on, some episodes in another fight will be looming with Ra's. Oliver needs to be seen training harder than ever possibly closing out the other members of Team Arrow to do so, before realizing how important they are to him blah blah... (Batman Moment).

• Amanda Waller will be back because of the Suicide Squad but i'm hoping she becomes more relevant to the main present time story line and plays some part in Oliver defeating Ra's not just being a part of an episode that doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things.

• For the love of everything in the world can Diggle please get something to protect his identity. It is so frustrating in any real world scenario someone would have pieced together who Diggle is, how he knows Oliver and they would figure out who The Arrow is.

Section 3 (Things I Would Really Like To See)

• What every other Arrow Fan is looking forward to the return of Oliver Queen, after his apparent death by the sword of Ra's Al Ghul in our most recent episode many weeks ago "The Climb".

• Oliver gaining the help of DC's mystic sword wielding heroine, his friend Katana to aid his fight against Ra's and The League Of Assassins. (Possibly in episodes 16-19).

• General Matthew Shrieve becoming a part of the Hong Kong flashback storyline will give it some added spice. It has been exciting so far Oliver teaming with Maseo and Katana for Amanda Waller, but Shrieve will help bring the storyline to a satisfying end.

• The return of Slade Wilson who will apparently be "out for blood" but with Oliver seemingly not back at the start of this episode (episode 14)...Felicity i would be worried.....

• The Suicide Squad appearing in whatever form they will with the crazy seducing Cupid joining the party. Hopefully this is how H.I.V.E will be further teased due to Deadshot/ Amanda Waller revealing more things to Diggle.

• Finally...Yes Finally...We have waited and toiled been teased with the "fill in, fake" Black Canary in Sara Lance. Now...Yes we will get the real legitimate genuine article Laurel Lance becoming her destiny, in honour of her sister is a special touch...The real Black Canary.

Section 4 (Things That Shouldn't Happen)

• An over whelming focus on Olicity, it is dead the pulse doesn't exist don’t bring it back. It’s a waste of time as Laurel and Oliver will become lovers it’s an inevitability.

• People learning Oliver’s identity, enough people know if anyone else Thea only. It’s called a secret identity for a reason, it’s a secret.

• It’s good to have a wide array of villains but there needs to be heavy focus on the preparation for Ra’s vs. Oliver 2. Brick, Vertigo, Slade and The Suicide Squad make the cut no other villains necessary for the remainder of this season.

I really hope the team behind Arrow write this and produce this to the best of there ability but based on what they have done so far...they will deliver, its going to be epic....


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