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It's been a long time since I posted an article here :) Since shifting lanes from engineering to marketing, work has become much more hectic!

Let me start off by saying I liked Man of Steel. While it wasn't a groundbreaking film, it was an entertaining summer blockbuster and a terrific visual experience! I can't wait for Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice just like any other DC fan. But the hype and hoopla surrounding this movie is reaching ridiculous levels. Fans are holding out for every clue, websites are publishing every rumor when it comes to this film. But with such astronomical expectations, there comes a danger of creating so much hype that the movie can't possibly live up to it.

I'll try to list some problems that are being under looked by the enthusiastic fans

1. 'Batman and Robin' was written by an Oscar winner too !

A lot of hype about Batman v Superman, comes from writer Chris Terrio and how he won an Oscar for Argo .While Man of Steel's primary issues stemmed from it's script, fans are too quick to jump on the Terrio bandwagon. Remember the insult to humanity ' Batman and Robin' and Arnold's unforgettable ice puns ! Yeah, that was written by Akiva Goldsman who won an Academy award for writing the screenplay of 'A Beautiful Mind'. While Argo was masterclass and one of my favorite films of 2012, Chris Terrio is far off from being considered a sure bet.

2. Ben Affleck's last film was 'Runner Runner'

A lot of fans are like : ' Ben Affleck is an Oscar winner so if he likes the script of Batman v Superman, it must be good' . Ben Affleck is one of the best directors right now , no doubt. However that doesn't change the fact that Runner Runner was a bland, boring film. I'll say this Ben Affleck was the best part of the film. Whenever Affleck was on screen, the movie felt interesting and watchable. I think Affleck has become a very decent actor now. But it also shows that just because Affleck thinks the script is 'smart', doesn't mean that the final movie will turn out to be good.

3. Zack Snyder's films always look good so the promotional material is not an indicator of the film's quality

A lot of hype that this film is generating is due to the fact that its promotional and leaked images looks kick ass. But when has any Zack Snyder film looked bad? Even the atrocious Sucker Punch looked gorgeous visually. I liked Man of Steel but that wasn't a sentiment shared by all. MOS is one of the most polarizing superhero films of all time. However even the hardcore MOS haters will agree that the trailers of Man of Steel were among the best trailers of all time. So while all images and the awesome Comic Con footage is encouraging, this is nothing new in the world of Snyder.

I reiterate that I like Man of Steel. I like most Zack Snyder's films , I like Ben Affleck, I love Argo and I love everything I am seeing and hearing about Batman vs Superman. But I would also like to have reasonable expectations going in. Having expectations for a film that it can't possibly live up to is unfair to the film, us the fans and the film makers. Avengers: Age of Ultron the sequel to the highest grossing superhero film of all time coming out in 2015 has less hype than this film which is almost 2 years away. Let that sink in.

Anyways I am curious to know what you guys think? Is the hype justified or do you agree with me that we need to temper expectations before we see the film? [ Prayer: Please be awesome!]


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