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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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Halloween is not too far away now! And while we're getting our decorations ready, planning out a haunted house attraction, buying a costume, or throwing a party; we still have that one somebody to worry about. The one who, unlike us, has a more sinister plan being put together... or maybe not!

Let's take a look at what Michael Myers would be doing right now only a little away from Halloween night.

1. At Home.... Sleeping?

Not much has been shown of what Michael Myers does in his spare time before Halloween. And if you asked an average fan, they'd probably say he just sleeps until right before Halloween; which isn't unbelievable. Hibernation makes sense.

2. Dead / In Coma

Basically the same as the first one only he would be dead or in a coma due to his previous encounter with Haddonfield. He wouldn't wake until right before Halloween, obviously...

3. Alive / Stalking / Planning

The most believable option is this one. About now he would probably be watching his intended victims, getting familiar with the people that they hang out with. The places they visit most. And as always, their houses, and how to get into them without a problem. Also if he doesn't already have a plain white mask to wear, he'd go get the last one that is miraculously in stock. Along with some rope, tape, and a few knives, of course.

4. Alive / In Mental Institution

Another possible option would be for Michael Myers to be in Smith's Grove, the mental institution he spent years at. Around this time he'd be sitting, staring, and waiting for the chance to escape and start preying on your town or mine.

5. Alive / Child / Innocent?

Who knows what was going through the mind of a 6 year old Michael Myers just a month and some weeks before Halloween. Was he like any other child? Playing, going to school, annoying his older sister? Or has he always been the silent type? If a 6 year old Michael Myers was around, I would still stay cautious, because that innocent kid down the street could come back repeatedly to do things much, MUCH worse than before.

And those are the most realistic choices for what Michael Myers would be doing right now while you're reading this. So my advice to you is to stay cautious, beware, hide underground or something, just hurry and move somewhere far away 'til after Halloween. Then come back to ask your friends what happened...if you have any left...


What Do YOU Plan On Doing When Michael Comes To Town?


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