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You know those days at work that just really send you into yourself and the thought of killing an actual human being seems acceptable to you. You know the ones, those days that make you listen to angry as all hell music in the car on the way home and although you don't even know the words you find yourself shouting some hateful lyrics out the car window at some random passers-by, who lets be honest don't know you and are now pretty sure they don't wanna know you... Yup that day, the one you just got a clear picture of in your head.

Well... I'm not huge into my music unless its Eminem or a song used in a movie soundtrack. So when I have those days which if I'm honest, recently is happening more often than not, I love nothing more than going home and popping in one of my favourite movies that I know there is a bloody good ranty or motivational emotionally driven scene that will change my entire mind set for the next few hours. Yes people its true, very true in fact that a series of well thought out brilliantly delivered lines of dialogue in a movie can often hit us in our ear G-spot and send us into a frenzy. They make us Angry or Sad, Happy or You know that state of "Shit yeah I'm gonna go start a fight, Why?? I dunno, I just am".

So I came home after work the other day and poured myself some Russian Standard Vodka and got to work on my 10 Moody Changey Monologues, these are the ones that hit me Straight away and every time I watch the movies I think to myself "Damn Al Pacino is the greatest actor to ever live" lets be honest as Ranty Shouty Monologues go nobody does it half as good as him...

Right let's do this...

Al Pacino... Scent Of A Woman

It's impossible to deny that when it comes to handing out the verbal righteousness, Pacino hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. 1992's Scent of a Woman is probably one of his lesser liked movies but this scene in which he defends the young university drop out Charlie is just one those "I'm gonna tell you who YOU are moments". I actually remember the first time I watched this movie loving Al's performance and as most people probably thought when he said "I'm just getting started" I knew what was coming would be an actors masterpiece...

Highlight: "If I were the man I was five years ago, I'd take a FLAME-THROWER to this place"

Christopher Walken/ Dennis Hopper... True Romance

This is one of those rare scenes where not one but two outstanding actors come to the fore and give two unbelievable performances. Walken starts off with his eerie chilling extremely foreboding attitude. Hoppers performance for me steals this scene realising there is only one way this is gonna end so he delivers some bloody excellent history lessons. What do you expect from some Tarantino gold class screen writing.

Highlight: "Cause you... Your part egg-plant"

Jack Nicholson... A Few Good Men

Everyone knew this one was coming, Jack Nick delivers a stirring speech on the harsh realities of war and the protection the U.S Marines provides for its nation. not only that but he takes a fresh young faced Tom Cruise and wipes his arse with him. This scene speaks for itself so I will say no more apart from this... Jack at his best I would say.

Highlight: "You WANT me on that wall, You NEED me on that wall"

Edward Norton... The 25th Hour

Okay full disclaimer before you click play on this video, There is a lot and I mean a lot of swearing within this monologue. Edward Norton is one of those actors you
just always want to see on the screen and in this scene he goes from showing us this angry as hell man at the start and through his own realisation through the dialogue reveals himself to a scared little boy inside. I find this a powerful social comment as well as a cool speech.

Highlight: "You think Bush and Cheney didnt know about that shit, Give me a F***in break"

Brad Pitt... Fight Club

Much like the man above who incidentally is also in fight club. This short but fairly powerful speech is again a social comment on how we were living at the time. Brad Pitt very much came into his own skin in this movie stepping up and letting us know this guy could act his balls off. Tyler Durden is the role of a lifetime and Pitt put in the performance of a lifetime.

Highlight: "working jobs that we hate so we can buy shit that we dont need"

Al Pacino (again)... Devils Advocate

Yeah probably not the last time he will enter this list the man is an absolute power house. His portrayl as John Milton aka Satan was just so damn effortlessly
delicious and this scene in which he tells the truth about God is my favourite of this movie.

Highlight: "He's an absentee landlord"

Leonardo Di Caprio... The Wolf Of Wall Street

The newest film to enter my list and rightly so because it has to be said that when Leo and Marty get together they create nothing more than cinematic genius. I have no idea how Leo missed the oscar on this movie because it is full of scenes just like this one.

Highlight: "You'll be telephone F***in terrorists"

Bill Pullman... Independence day

Oh shut up don't bloody judge me on this one okay because you all know that when it comes down to it we just want someone to motivate us and lead us into the fray. Bill Pullman does this in spades in ID and although cheesy as hell and very 'MERICA (F*** yeah) I do so love this speech.

Highlight: "We will not go quietly into the night"

Alec Baldwin... GlenGarry Glen Ross

In a movie choc full of monologues from some of the damn finest actors to have ever graced the screen, actors like Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Jack Lemon, Kevin Spacey and Alan Arkin, its a young wet behind the ears Alec Baldwin that straight up steals this flick from his peers. Im always uncertain as to what his speech is hoping to accomplish and if he actually wants them to succeed. I handed this movie to a good friend when he was about to set up his own company and he has always said this flick shaped his first day.

Highlight "F**k you, Thats my name"

Kevin Smith... Chasing Amy

Okay okay this is purely because im a massive whore for Kevin Smith movies but this little speech from the Not so talkative Silent Bob about his lost love really polishes off my favourite Smiddy flick. A great all round movie topped off by the director having belief in his ability to deliver a heartfelt speech. I have to be honest I could of chose any number of scenes from this flick. In the meantime i wait with baited breath for Tusk

Highlight: "Did you know I always wanted to be a dancer in vegas"

So thats 10 of my favourite monologues but I know I will have missed some of yours so why dont you let me know what you think should have made my list or would make your list... Let me know below. In the meantime come visit our site at

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