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Now does everyone remember Jack Nicholson as a Wolf? Well he sure was one in this ok rom com horror film which I actually didn't mind. I remember watching this as a kid and having nightmares sometimes that's because I used to watch different types of horror films when I was a kid and come on you did end up having nightmares.

Jack Nicholson (Will Randall) was bitten by a wolf after he had accidentally hit one with his car. He begins to soon after have urges and bigger appetites and hair growth. Will was editor and chief for a publishing company but was soon demoted after being overtaken by Stewart Swinton (James Spader). He stays at a guesthouse where he meets Laura (Michelle Pheiffer). Will is trying to adapt in his wolf ways but does he?

This is not a great film, but it's a ok film to watch on a Saturday night? It's not that bad. I only recommend this to all the horror geeks who will watch any horror and if your a horror fan you must stay true to your horror (isum) !!! So add this to your list and watch it!!

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